The DamnedOne's back story to becoming a hero!




Peter McFarlane was a beloved member to the gang known as the hellions. He was a damned of the highest caliber! Peter spent many nights thwarting heros and doing his duties in Perez Park, Galaxy city, Atlas Park, he even ventured into the skull infested Kings Row now and again to rescue trapped comrades.
Nobody knew why Peter decided to join the Hellions, most of the gang members were family rejects, or had a bone to pick with someone and needed support do pick it. The only explanation Peter ever offered was,"I am sort of a masochist, in the fact I revel in other peoples pain."
Long story short, Peter was not a good person at all. He was accused and convicted of man slaughter, and murder several times, but managed to break out each time, via the hellfire with in him. He was a favorite of the Hellions artifact and super-dyne supplier, the mysterious Mr.Jones.

Then one day Peter and his crew were in a warehouse, busting up a high-society auction. When a group of Heros decided to intrude on hsi fun. He will never forget those heros names, The Azure Devil, Jake Jackal, El Diablo Blanco, and Rune. Those names forever haunt Peter's dreams.

THe four heros rushed in, eliminating the front guard Peter set up. They proceded to eliminate all of hi s lieutents throughout the building, until they came to him. Peter smiled as he sat on a ledge as his crew rushed at the heros, but was soon dismayed as he watche dhis friends get slaughtered. Peter leapt form the edge and confronted the heros. He smirked as the one names Rune came screaming forward, a large axe waving. Rune was the first to go down. Peter easily flipped over his head and proceded to incinerate the fool.
Next on came the foolish El Diablo Blanco, in his foolish white zoot suit. Peter was given a good fight by this man, but he too went down, but he was teleported to the hospital before Peter could kill him. The only two left were Jake Jackal, and the Azure Devil. Peter smirked and hurled fire ball after fireball at the Azure Devil, the fight ended quickly. Peter made to kill the fool when he suddenly found his worl going dark.
The one named Jake Jackal had put a slug into Peter's skull, killing him.
Peter lay there, out of his body, staring at himself. He looked at the one who killed him walk out of the warehouse draggin what remained of Rune to the cemetary, and to meet his friend sin the hospital. Peter was furious.
Soon Peter's life changed forever though. A rift in the floor opened up and a ghostly hand seized Peter, draggin him to hell. Peter was confronte dby the ultimate evil, Lucifer himself. Lucifer talked in a ghastly voice telling Peter," Peter, Peter, Peter. I must tell you something. There is only one punishment suitable for the crimes you have comitted on this earth. I will send you back there, into your body," Peter was overjoyed at this, but soon the devil spoke the rest,"You will not beable to die unless in the act of bravery. I am sending you back, cursed to fight your friends until you die. Then, when you die, your soul is hence fourth forefeit to me." Peter couldn't believe what he was hearing at all. Doomed forever to fight those he once called friends! Peter was going to speak but the devil cut him off,"Unless you prove yourself a true hero, your soul is mine. If in your lifetime you can do an act of unselfish bravery, true bravery, not saving some idiot from the skulls, you are pardoned of all sins." With that Peter was hurled back through the hole, into his body, though he had physically changed. He had longer hair, and his clothes were different, he even had sunglasses on, and when he took them off, he nearly blinded himself, another part of the curse lucifer didn't mention, he cannot stnad direct light.

Peter decided first to see if what Lucifer said was true. HE couldn't be killed anymore by foolish self-inflicted wounds to commit suicde and end this torment. Peter picked up a gun and fired it at his skull, the bullet made no impact, not even a scratch. Peter smirked.
From hence fourth he would be The DamnedOne.