Human Limit experiment character




Many of you will think I'm nuts, but whatever; I want to try to make a theme character that's based on peak human levels of achievement. The build is listed below. I'm curious to see just how far I can take this character without obvious "super-powers" (including movement powers - eep!). Most of this idea is backed by my undying faith and deidcation to the Scrapper Archetype. What can I say, we are insane.

Want to cheer me on? Tell me I'm nuts directly? Post here or send a Tell to "Hero Myth" on the Champion server.

Archetype: Scrapper
Primary Powers - Melee : Broad Sword
Secondary Powers - Defense : Super Reflexes
Slot[01] Level 1 (Starting Primary) : Slash(Brd) /Acc,Dmg,Dmg,Dmg,Dmg,Dmg
Slot[02] Level 1 (Starting Secondary) : Focused Fighting /EndRdx
Slot[03] Level 2 : Hack(Brd) /Acc,Dmg,Dmg,Dmg,Dmg,Dmg
Slot[04] Level 4 : Slice(Brd) /Acc,Dmg,Dmg,Dmg,Dmg
Slot[05] Level 6 : Swift /Run,Run,Run
Slot[06] Level 8 : Aid Other /Heal,Heal
Slot[07] Level 10 : Kick (Fight) /Acc,Dmg,Dmg,Dmg,Dmg,Dmg
Slot[08] Level 12 : Agile /DefBuf,DefBuf,DefBuf
Slot[09] Level 14 : Health /Heal,Heal,Heal,Heal
Slot[10] Level 16 : Dodge /DefBuf,DefBuf,DefBuf
Slot[11] Level 18 : Whirling Sword /Acc,Dmg,Dmg,Dmg,Dmg,Dmg
Slot[12] Level 20 : Quickness /Run,Run,Run
Slot[13] Level 22 : Stamina /EndRec,EndRec,EndRec,EndRec
Slot[14] Level 24 : Tough /DamRes,DamRes,DamRes,DamRes,DamRes
Slot[15] Level 26 : Stimulant /IntTime,IntTime
Slot[16] Level 28 : Aid Self /Heal,Heal
Slot[17] Level 30 : Resuscitate /Rchg,Rchg
Slot[18] Level 32 : Disembowel(Brd) /Acc,Dmg,Dmg,Dmg,Dmg,Dmg
Slot[19] Level 35 : Lucky /DefBuf,DefBuf,DefBuf
Slot[20] Level 38 : Weave /DefBuf,DefBuf,DefBuf,DefBuf
Slot[21] Level 41 : Head Splitter(Brd) /Acc,Dmg,Dmg,Dmg,Dmg,Dmg
Slot[22] Level 44 : Hurdle /Jump
Slot[23] Level 47 : Build Up /Rchg,Rchg,HitBuf,HitBuf
Slot[24] Level 49 : Parry /Acc,Dmg,Dmg,Dmg



A couple of us were doing that on Justice too. Some tanks and an AR/dev blaster works for the concept as well. It can be pretty hard to avoid some of those glowies... in many cases you get stuck with a power before level 6 that you're never allowed to use. It gets rougher after 20 when all your missions are spread out in large areas. Unless you have lots and lots of time on your hands.



This is a cool idea. I thought about doing it with the Inv set, and trying not to use and toggles. Just like a real tough SOB, so all the resistances would just be like being a real hardened guy.