Roleplaying SG forming on Triumph




Hello folks, Captain Decency here...

Some friends and I are trying to start a Roleplaying SuperGroup here on Triumph. Despite the name, annoying people is not the aim of the group, nor are griefers welcome. We seek to entertain ourselves, and possibly those around us through creative roleplaying... FOR GREAT JUSTICE!

For Captain Decency, I take the goofy, over the top "Tick" like route. Some of our other members (a whopping three so far) take a more serious approach. Our goal is to embrace pretty much any form of RP (that does not entail being a jackass).

If you think you might want to join, or simply play along with us in a team or anything, send Captain Decency a tell! If you have a roleplaying Super Group already, then let us know about it so we can give an in-character shout out if we see you in game.

This is, as you might guess, entirely new. We have a fledgeling webpage up, which is mighty ugly at this point. I will flesh it out at some point, but you can at least see the rules and tenets of the group, see the Captain's and other members' origin stories, and view a currently sparse set of roster pictures.

League of Annoying Roleplayers ugly home page