Origin Story: Xaddak




Hey all, this is the origin story I wrote for Xaddak. It's also posted on the Crey Industries Hero Threat Database.

-Story Begins-
Alan McCrown was just a regular Joe living in the world of super heroes – Paragon City. He worked a day job doing computer repairs for a shop a few blocks from his modest apartment. At home, however, he was always busy tinkering and inventing strange, and on occasion, useful devices. Of course, this technological hoard was a gleaming trophy for the Clockwork. They soon raided Alan’s apartment, trashed the place, stole all of his equipment and devices, and left Alan laying on the ground with electrical burns all over his body, near death. Luckily, a neighbor heard the commotion, and after knocking and not hearing a reply, managed to kick the door in to find Alan. The friendly neighbor, Kage Dratin, called 911, and an ambulance rushed Alan to the hospital. While waiting during what seemed like an eternity, Alan plotted revenge on the Clockwork. He bought new equipment, and kept everything hidden behind closed doors and blinded windows. Except for his job and food shopping, he all but vanished from the face of the earth. Finally, he emerged from hiding with the SuperSuit Mark I – the suit that had the ability to connect directly into the wearer’s nervous system. The Mark I allowed Alan, now working under the name Xaddak, to affect gravity itself in whatever location he chose. He could also send healing waves that would repair damage done to his allies. However, he came to realize that Mark I wasn’t quite right for him. He vanished into hiding again, and over half a year later, emerged with the Mark II. This suit could also connect with the wearer’s nervous system, and included a tiny, but very powerful freezing plant. This allowed Xaddak to send bolts of ice flying at his foes, or let him build them icy prisons. Again, however, Xaddak didn’t like the results the suit was producing. He vanished into hiding once more, and after nearly a year’s work, emerged wearing the SuperSuit Mark III. The suit could let fly energies that could directly, and quite negatively, affect whoever said energies were aimed at. However, in doing so, some of the energies could push life from Xaddak’s foes into his allies, healing them or giving them a second wind. He can even produce a shadowy fog over a fairly wide area, cloaking his friends and making it harder for an enemy to hit accurately.

Xaddak, however, doesn’t just fight the Clockwork, even if he rarely passes up a chance to duke it out with some. He stands side by side with super heroes, and helps them take down the best – Dr. Vahzilok and the Clockwork King being the two biggest menaces that have succumbed the powers of Xaddak and his allies to date. He is a Leftenant in the Dawn Patrol, led by Major Britain. However, even though he moonlights as a super hero, he still works his day job, providing a source of funding for him to occasionally improve his suit’s powers.
-Story Ends-

Post your comments. I know it's nothing gorgeous like some of the stories on here, but it's my story and I'm sticking to it, officer! :P