An Interview with a Miss Creant...




Well, my character description on Justice includes a reference to this interview and a promise that it would be posted on the boards soon... so here goes. This is in script format due to the nature of the piece; I usually prefer to write in prose. Also, it's somewhat hastily done, so the quality might not be as good as I would like... but it should provide some insight into the character. (btw, those of you on Justice who RP, please look me up! I can never find anyone to RP with...!)


An Interview with a Miss Creant

(cue news broadcast in process)

Anchorman: ...and tonight we have a very special interview for our viewers. I'm sure many of you recall the recent bomb plot carried out by the "Skull" street gang at the Emerson Tower in Steel Canyon. Paragon News Tonight has learned the identity of the hero who defused the bombs and brought the offending Skulls to justice. What sort of person is this hero? You might be surprised at the answer. With this very special interview, we send you now to Nancy McDaniel.

(cue change of scenery to one of those standard 'interview' sets like you see on so many newscasts)

Nancy: Thank you, Jim. I have with me here tonight the hero who saved hundreds of lives just in that one day, to say nothing of other deeds done in service of the people of our city. Allow me to introduce to our viewers, Miss Creant.

(camera turns to face a woman in her early twenties, with short red hair, dark green eyes, and a somewhat sharp look to her features. There is a certain intensity to her gaze even now, and she seems a bit uncomfortable. She is dressed in costume, a dark green leather bustier, spiked collar, black pants, dark green short gloves, and combat boots.)

Miss Creant: Hi.

Nancy: So... Miss Creant. An unusual name for a hero, is it not? How did you come by it?

Miss Creant: *shrugs* It suits me. I'm not exactly the shining example of the 'kinder, gentler hero', by anybody's standards. It came, actually, from my fifth grade teacher. I was always in fights in school... my mutant regeneration powers manifested early, and I had a temper, so I was always in fights. I guess you could say I was the schoolyard bully. So I got labeled as "that little miscreant". I guess you could say it stuck.

Nancy: I... see. You seem to have a fine grasp of irony, if I may say so.

Miss Creant: (smiles a bit thinly) Thank you. It's not all irony, though. I'm not really a very nice person sometimes. Even less when I'm fighting. Y'see, I'm a claw fighter. Been using them since even before I became a hero. Claws aren't a nice weapon. They're bloody, messy... you don't want to see what the badguys look like between when I get 'em and when they get out of the hospital. It ain't pretty.

Nancy: (seems a little shaken by that) Yes... I can imagine. Have you ever killed with your claws?

Miss Creant: Yes. (pauses a moment) A few times. That's not even counting the Vahz zombies... they're already dead, so I don't hold back at all. Usually I can bring other guys down without killin' 'em... but sometimes they fight too hard and I don't have a choice, it's them or me. (pauses again) And it's not gonna be me.

Nancy: How exactly did you become a hero?

Miss Creant: That's a long story... and a messy one. My parents died when I was young, and things just went downhill from there. Never really had any family, got bounced around from place to place... (voice trails off a bit) ...let's skip that part, okay? Okay. By the time I was fifteen, I was already in a gang. Any girls out there watching this, let me tell you now. Don't go there. You don't know what it's like, and you don't want to. But I did, 'cause I was stupid and didn't have anywhere else to turn. With my powers, I was lucky, moved up pretty fast... most people were afraid to fight me, 'cause I wouldn't stay down.

(long pause)

...then, one night I was out with some of the others in my gang when we ran into these walking dead guys. I know who they are, now... Vahzilok. If I ever get my hands on the man behind those zombies, well... the cops can have what's left of him. My friends were dead before I even realized what was going on. They stuck two of those harpoons of theirs in me, too... but I'm a mutant. It takes more than a couple of foot-long metal darts to bring me down. I lost it. Just went berserk. I was using the claws even back then; they kept people from (censored)'ing with me a lot of the time... well, when it was done there was just me, three dead friends of mine, and a pile of zombie pieces.

(pauses again as Nancy looks ill)

I told you, it's not pretty. And neither was I, then. Like I said, they stuck two of those big darts in me, and those butcher knives they carry do a lot of damage. I don't know what kept me going... they hit me harder than I could regenerate, but I just couldn't stop. Anger, I guess. Adrenaline, maybe. But the last thing I remember from that night was seeing some big guy jump outta the sky right in front of me, right before I collapsed at his feet.

Nancy: A hero.

Miss Creant: Yeah. I woke up in the hospital, and he was still with me. I guess he took me in. He smoothed things over with the cops, too... I wasn't the worst of the street thugs, but I had a rap sheet long enough for them to put me away. He saw something, he said. Didnt want me to go to jail. Said I could help people with this power of mine.

(she looks away from the camera, then down at her lap) I just wanted a chance to get back at the Vahz for killing my friends. I didn't even know about the worse things out there... and there are plenty of worse things that I've seen since. I signed up.

Nancy: What about the hero who recruited you? Do you still talk to him?

Miss Creant: ...he's dead. About a month after he saved me, his medicom just stopped transmitting one day. They found him a week after that in the sewers, all cut up. (she clenches her fist, and her eyes narrow) I still haven't found who did that. But I will.

Nancy: That must be difficult to deal with.

Miss Creant: ...yeah. This isn't a safe business, you know. People forget that. We take our lives in our hands every time we put on the costume. But for some of us, it's all we can do, all we know how. If I wasn't a hero, I'd probably be dead by now anyway. I used to think I was one of the badguys. Maybe I was, but I had nothing on some of the monsters that are still out there. And as long as they're out there, there's a job for me to do. And I don't mean to quit.

Nancy: Well, we're out of time. Thank you for the interview, and be careful out there. There are a lot of us whose hopes are riding on you and the other heroes.

Miss Creant: Don't mention it.

Nancy: Now, back to Jim at the anchor desk, with a run-down of today's heroic deeds...

(camera goes back to Jim, and the newscast resumes)


Well, that really wasn't particularly good by my standards, and I may redo it another time... but it tells what I wanted to tell.

I may eventually write some of her backstory in more detail than it was told here, in a narrative form... but actually some of my other characters I think would be more interesting to write, so I may go to them first.