Paragon City Times Editorial: Evening at Sergei's




Weight, Hieght, Inseam, Wingspan...
-by Magna Harrier, Editorial Staff

I have come to the stunning realization that, at the age of 23, I am socially past my prime.
It’s okay. I’ve had a good run. But I’m limited by my own mental stereotypes.
For instance, barring power-armor or living fabric aside, most of us in the tights crowd made our costumes from scratch. This has resulted in some pretty hit-or-miss styles, but at least, with all the costume repair, we had a trade to fall back on.
But, last month, another option opened up to those of us less skilled in the homemakers arts: ICONS.
The whole affair, like all great social events, occurred with tremendous spontaneity. I had seen ads in the paper talking about the owner, Sergei, buying lots in town, but it was, in my mind, something that would happen ‘later’.
So imagine my surprise when the Editor of the Times contacted me at home, telling me that the Grand Opening would take place the next day.
Now, most other media pundits agree that the short notice opening made it hard to advertise, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at it. I approached the ICONS storefront (located in Northwest Steel Canyon) from the sky, so as not to deal with to much of a crowd. As it turns out, avoiding the crowd would prove pretty much impossible.
“I thought the opening night at ICONS was one of the nicest large group interactions I have seen. People were trying their new boom boxes and having a great old time”, said Sid Shockwave, a teammate of mine from the Champions of Fate, noted. He wasn’t exaggerating. Even from the air, it was hard to miss the massive swell of heroes the spilled out from the storefront. The discount stereo store nearby was having a sale, and plenty of folks had grabbed a boom box and begun to chant and dance in front of newly opened tailors doors.
Another small group had gathered to inspect the storefront dummies, which displayed a few select examples of possible costume combinations. Heading through the front door revealed even more mannequins. But more noticeable than that were the hoard of people gathered around the circular counter front. People who I’ve seen bend the fabric of space/time with their will were sweating over a tiny alterations request form, while the proprietor, Sergei himself, stood in the back, dealing with a more select group of customer. Sergei, as many readers know, offers makeover packages for those customers with a Clearance level of 20 or higher.
While there was no shortage of customers at the SC branch, not everyone made the scene. I asked a few teammates from the Champions their thoughts, and more than a few nearly (or completely) missed the party. Kil Shot made it in the end, but only after a few wrong turns. “They certainly didn’t advertise very well. Couldn’t find them on” Vog, who was out on a mission away from that part of town that day, missed it altogether. “I didn’t know they had social gatherings at the tailor shop.”
Perhaps the best part of the evening was the ability of such a seemingly minor event to draw folks together. People stopped in for a trim, a seem, or a whole new wardrobe, and used the excuse to meet up with friends they hadn’t seen in ages. Listening to the constant hum of social interaction made the experience worthwhile, even for those rare few who kept their outfits unchanged.
A stop by ICONS these days is much different. While Sergei and crew still provide the same great service, you’ll usually only share the store with one or two other patrons. Still, for those of us lucky enough it be there opening night, it was nice to get together at a time where the world WAS’NT thirty seconds from destruction.