RP Group forming on Pinnacle




Greetings, heroes. Some of you may know me by now, some of you may not. I go by the handle of WarHawk when I put on the armor.

I've come before you today to offer a proposition. Resources in Paragon City can be hard to come by. The overwhelming abundance of heroes who have migrated to our great city has made even the simple task of finding house incredibly time consuming. And face it, even heroes need to sleep. Well, most of us.

My team, the Titans, has recently acquired a good amount of property, and has begun construction of a headquarters. While it’s far from finished, there is plenty of space available for aspiring heroes other than the Titans.

Our artificial intelligence entity, Thoth, does a good job of keeping our roster and visitors up-to-date with Paragon’s happenings and news, and provides near instantaneous communication between members.

My proposition is this: Take up residence in our headquarters. Use our resources. Accompany us on our patrols. After all, we all have the same goal in mind… the safety and liberation of Paragon.

The headquarters has two security clearance codes… one can be established at www.titanscoh.com, and the other, by clicking the forums link from that sector. Please enter your information in both.

Everyone… members of existing teams, lone wolves, and young heroes… are all welcome, so please, join us. It just might be that we’ll extend you an invitation to stay permanently… as a member of the Titans.