How do I get my SG to RP more?




Hi, I'm the leader of a struggling SG that has 12 people in it. I started it out as an RP group because that's what I wanted it to be and that's what I still want it to be. But it seems we can't even find good times to fight. Having only 12 members, our levels range quite a bit, so we really can't do a bunch of missions until we get more people. Anyone know any good RP things to do with a group so that you don't have to fight? Anything at all. I'm completely open here.
*Serious answers only, please*



The best rp opportunities usually come from a forensic session after a fight. It's a good time to sit around and talk *in character* about what happened, what went wrong, and what to do next time. If you do this in the local rather than the team channel, you might find yourself picking up new recruits.

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