Damaa: The lord giveth... (part 1.2)




It was fast approaching the hour of evil in paragon... 12am was when all the nasty villians came out to do their dirty little deeds to the unsuspecting late workers of the city. In kings row of course this was the prime time for the lost and the body-snaching Vahzilok to go about their dirty deeds.

Whilst the lost kidnapped and preached to their victims, the Vahzilok went about cutting their victims into peices, stealing their bodyparts to help build up their minion base... it was the Vahzilok Damaa hoped to meet tonight.

Her arm was now painfully infused with this strange glove, it felt like it was biting down on her flesh, it hurt so much that she had been trying, in vain, for the last hour to tug it off but no matter how much she pulled on it, it was almost like she was trying to pull off her own arm, even the random spark of electricity she could muster ended up shocking herself. She was desparate to get it off and confused by this whole experience, it seemed somewhat like a practical joke was being played on her but... she was already lost in her depression which in turn was clouding her judgement; she wanted to be captured by Vahzilok so they could cut it off so she took to the streets, searching the back alleys and heading down into the industrial zone, where it was known the Vahzilok would lie in wait to catch late factory workers or unsuspecting club goers.

It took her an hour but she soon heard the high pitched screech of a desparate woman, pleading for her saftey, and also the calm yet intimidating tone of a reaper saying "Think of this as an early organ donation"

This was what Damaa wanted, she hopped over the fence and made her way around the corner where the reaper stood, holding down his victim with his foot.

"Let her go!" Said Damaa in a demanding tone.

Although their face masks hid their mouths, it was clear to Damaa that this Vahzilok was mustering an amused smile.

"Damaa... i heard about your fumbleings on the news, how is your husband?" Said the reaper in an amused tone.

Her feet were now frozen, she wanted to speak but her voice and ran far far away along with her nerve. The woman lay face down on the ground, sobbing to herself.

"I'll let her go, but you must take her place... even your hero parts must be worth somthing" HE exclaimed with glee.

The woman got to her feet and ran off into the night, Damaa was still frozen on the spot as the reaper cautiously steped towards her.

"Nice arm" he said "it will make a fine donation to our army"

"Y'you can take it if you can get it off"

"And i will" He smiled as he stepped ever closer to her "I saw your husband the other day... well parts of him anyway, he works close by Dr Vahzilok now, he is most obedient"

"shut up!" exclaimed Damaa

The reaper was now close enough to make his move, Damaa closed her eyes tight and waited, the last thing she saw was the reaper lifting his cleaver slowly, his eyes filled with delight at what he was about to do. She waited for his fatal strike.

Suddenly a crackle of electricity was heard and as if her arm had now got a life of its own, it sprung into action, almost as if someone had said the magic words or pressed the on button; Damaa looked on suddenly, her arm, now beyond her control was pointed out and electric blue sparks were now building up around her hand. The reaper stood infront of her observing this new and confusing action that was not on Damaa's security i.d.

"Interesting." He said softly "What does that..."

But before he had time to finish he was blasted by a powerful volt directly into his chest, so taken back by it infact that he fell to the floor, twicthing a final time before his heart came to a grinding halt.

"Bloody hell!" exclaimed Damaa.

Soon after she gained control of her arm again, she could now move it as she pleased but their was something confusing her about this arm... it no longer hurt, in fact it seemed to give her some kind of comfort... still she would need to let the MAGI team over at atlas part have a look.

She ran and hopped over the fence towards the train station, on her way their she noticed the same woman who was being terrorised by Vahzilok now being dragged into an alley by the lost, swiftly she followed.

"Tell your human leader that we shall be comming!" Said the swordsman "That all the humans shall perish and that..."

"Not your night tonight is it love" Said Damaa to the distraught woman.

Like before, her arm again shot to life and within seconds the swordsman was lying flat on his back, dead. Damaa helped the woman up to her feet and slowly guided her back to the main road to a police officer.

"You are safe now" Said Damaa softly.

"Thank you... thank you so much!" Sobbed the woman as she grabed ahold of Damaa and hugged her "You saved me... the news was wrong about you... you are a real hero in my eyes"

With that the poilce escorted the woman back home. Damaa stood their taken back by her comment, she had never been called a hero before... it felt... nice, knowing she could help someone. Now a little happier she ran to the train station and jumped on the train to atlas park.

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