Packrat's Journal #1




Journal entry for the weekend of July.

Well. The Crusaders are getting along well, we're already being refered to as the most prominent and powerful team of champions in King's Row. And we're starting to branch out. Toshiko is running rampant among the Tsoo is Talos Island; Pointsettia has become the nightmare of the 5th in Steel Canyon, and Mate pretty much owns Skyway City. All in all, I'm very pleased.

We've done it. We've confronted Vahzilok himself. It was a hard fight, and we were all sore pressed, but Shuil came through for us all in the end with her timely healing powers. Dr. V was arrested, but not after a thorough interrogation.

I'm not Vahz design.
My deddy was killed by the Family..a political assassination. Vahz agreed to lend some men to keep the blood off the Family's and I were payment for services rendered. Blast it all that I can't remember.....what made me?

Yoiko and Icebot both have looked me over, and come to the same conclusion: My dna restructuring and titanium endoskeleton is well beyond what the Vahzi operate at. And my tesseracting feild...It's Icebot's opinion that I was designed to be the ultimate assassin. 'Port in, swipe with the claws, port out before the target hits the floor.

So what am I? Who made me?

Am I Tsoo? Family? Or...something else?
I think it's time to go have a chat with some capos.