Our favorite teenage pain in the ***...




This is a "teaser" for an ongoing serial-style story at The Survivors' website: The Survivors

I may add to it every so often but the latest updates are always there.

And a peek into the head of our favorite teen pain in the [censored]...

Richard's body was in Algebra/Trig class but his mind was drifting elsewhere. “Damn. I was an idiot the other day.” He thought to himself. “My tounge made the gordian knot look like a shoe-lace.” What was it about that new super-heroine, Scarlette Flame, that so screwed him up? Okay, she's very pretty but so was Anna and he was perfectly fine around her. Scarlette had a mouth on her to rival his, but that should have just been plain fun.

Her powers were something like his, though he had to admit she had much better control over her flame then he did over his. That flame sword was pretty cool. And damn she was a good scrapper. The lady may be on the thin side, kind of amazing considering what a junk food junkie she was, but boy could she take a punch. Was that it? Did he feel intimidated by her ability? Naw, couldn't be.

Perhapse it was just the way she fit those blue jeans, he thought starting to grin to himself. And she had said she thought he was pretty cool. He coulda killed Justice for that teacher crack... teachers..

Richard clicked back to reality to hear Mr. Bronstien calling his name for the second time, “Richard? We're waiting.” Snapping back fully to the here and now he scanned the board and the complex equation Mr. B had written up there. “Tricky”, he thought, “you old *******, but you wont catch me.” "The limit is Zero. Mr. B. As X goes to zero and Y goes to infinity BUT when Y hits infinity it goes undefined because the rest of that part cancels out to X over the quantity one over Y.”

Mr. Bronstien nodded, hiding a smile that his star pupil had lived up to his expectations. “Okay people, thats the bell. Quiz on thursday!”


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