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“That Vahzilok got just a bit too close”, thought super-heroine Ms. Terry as she rubedd the sore spot under her ribs. Looking both ways to see that noone was around to notice, she proceeded to step down off the subway platform and walk up the dark and musty smelling tracks along the serviceman's path. Stopping at a stone wall just after the first bend, she reached for a particular brick in the wall. Pushing on it with a grunt, the purposefully stubborn stone slid in about an inch and, with a slight hiss of escaping air, the hidden outer pressure lock door disengaged from the rest of the stonework and hinged silently aside.

Terry stepped into the small, brightly lit and stark white chamber. The only features were a bench, the outline of the opposite door, a control panel next to that outline and a small white bin. Walking over and pushing on a glowing red button on the opposite panel, she didn't even turn around to see the door behind her swing shut but nodded to herself as the red button went out and a yellow button began to glow.

Reaching into the bin she retrieved a jump suit made of bleached white paper. Then unbuttoning her jacket, she carefully removed it and laid it on the bench, lining side up. The inside of the jacket glowined in pale blues, greens and reds as visible circuitry softly hummed.

After a quick examination of the circuits, Terry grunted an affirmation to herself, laid her black mask ontop of the jacket, and climbed into the paper jumpsuit. Carefully tucking her long hair inside the suit's hood she returned to the control panel and stabbed a finger at the yellow button. The room went dark for a moment, followed by a brief dazzling flash of yellow light. Then the white light returned and the yellow button went out at the same time that a green one lit up.

Terry leaned in, looking into a short tube projecting from the panel and pressed the green button. After a moment a pleasant (if mechanical, she thinks) female voice said. “Authorization Granted: Alice Littlefield. Clearance level Alpha 2.” With another hiss of escaping air, the second door hinged open and Alice Littlefield proceeded into Project Mystery's beta-site.

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