example for neat costume changes




I do a costume transformation and I get compliments from people all the time, and some are curious how I do it. So here is an examle of the binds and such I set up to make my "transformation" happen.

Changing into Dragon Wraith in white (slot 0)
1) Activate Phase shift power
2) hit shift+f6
3) Deactivate Phase shift
shift+f6 is set up by this command:
/bind shift+f6 "local Dragon Wraith!!$$cc 0$$e tarzan"

Change to human form
1) Activate Invisibility
2) Hit Ctrl+f6
3) Deactivate Invisibility
ctrl+f6 command setup:
/bind ctrl+f6 "e let's her dark powers subside$$cc 1$$e grief"

Anyway these are examples , I hope they help folks come up with there own transforms.

I REALLY hope that the devs will put in transformation effects and commands to make this a part of the game

Dragon Wraith lvl 50 DM/Reg/DM Scrapper
Mud Lark lvl 50 SA/SS/EM Tanker
Galaxy Archon Athena lvl 50 Tri-Form PB
Miss Victory lvl 50 MA/inv/BM Scrapper
US Thunder lvl 50 Elec/Elec/Elec Blaster