What's in a name?




That which we call a rose, by any other word would still smell as sweet.

Lingering memories, passing thoughts.

Both far between in the mind of the one we call ChaosHound. A mystery to the world and even more so to himself. What is known, however, is this; ChaosHound is the product of an unholy union between a hellish demon and a young woman. A union which caused a horrific mutated entity.

Who was the woman? We do not know.

What is his name? We do not know.

Often met with fear his savage soul longs for salvation and identity. His uncontrollable temper hides a being desparate for knowledge or at least certainty. Certainty that he is a man and not the beast his reflection shows.

Solitude; a soul barred in a hellish body.

That is ChaosHound.

to be continued...