Blazzard's Origin Story




Just like any Paragon Citizen, Madoka Nanako had a normal life and was working as a lab assistant of Dr. Yasuko Takenaka - a well known scientist for her study in nuclear fusion.

Dr. Takenaka's primary research was to invent a way to control nuclear fushion reaction under sub-zero condition, coded named "Cold Fusion", thus creating a very cheap and clean power for the masses. Her experiments in was in its final phases as the Rikti invasion began.

As the Rikti strike the Terra Volta power plant during one of the assaults, power supply was interrupted throughout the entire Paragon City. This interruption of power was disastrous when it hits Dr. Takenaka's lab, even with backup power supply, the slightest change in the current caused the retention field that was sustaining the fusion reaction to collaspe.

A small scale but devastating nuclear explosion occured immediately after the retention field collasped and Dr. Takenaka was consumed in the blast. Madoka on the other hand, survived the blast as she was manning the equipment in another room, however still sustained critical damage throughout her body. Frost covered her body that was badly burnt by the radiation from the blast.

Fortunately, Crey Industry has been paying close attention to Dr. Takenaka's research, after her untimely death, Courtress Crey knows Madoka alone holds the secrets to Dr. Takenaka's research, thus she was rushed to the most advanced Crey medical institution and was treated with nano-reconstruction procedures - the latest inventions in the medical field.

Madoka's body was fully reconstructed and healed within weeks, even when Paragon City was engaged in the heat of combat from the Rikti invasion. After Madoka made a full recovery, she discovered that Courtness Crey had done something to her body more than just healed the wounds she suffered from the blast, she can now harness the power of nuclear radiation and sub-zero temperature control - the nano-reconstuction process has fused the radiation and freeze power into her body.

With the new power in her hands, Madoka knows she cannot let Dr. Takenaka's secret slipped into the hands of Crey's, she must escape! She waited and waited, then the time came - the Rikti invaded the Crey's medical building one evening, chaos in the building made it possible for her to escape. Although still weak from the recovery, Madoka finally managed to escape to the then in-ruin Paragon City, there she witnessed the heroes of Paragon City fought bravely with the Rikti, many of them fallen right in front of her eyes.

In the weakened state, Madoka cannot help with the combat, but she noticed the power force field deployed by Rikti warships and dropships. If the same power can be used to retain the "Cold Fusion" reaction, then it will be able to complete Dr. Takenaka research!

With that in mind, Madoka sign up with the Paragon City Hero Registry when the city is in need of heroes, calling herself "Blazzard", with her mind set on three goals - to revenge the fallen heroes from the Rikti invasion; to destroy Crey Industry for the experiments they have performed on her body; and to obtain the Rikti power force field technology to complete Dr. Takenaka's research.