Unit 1001001 - Yet another origin story




Working in secret, unknown to Hero Corps and the citizens of Paragon City, the nefarious Clockwork began efforts to upgrade the standard Sprocket. Instead of the usual rusty piece of metal cobbled together from what they could find, they surrounded this new model, dubbed NM156, with a smooth composite exoskeleton, gave it the usual defensive capabilities, and installed a jetpack to ensure that it could fly effectively, and in one unit had rendered obsolete both the Sprocket and the Oscillator. They also installed a stolen artificial intelligence chip, giving the unit intelligence far surpassing the normal minions of the Clockwork. This was their first mistake...

The first unit, dubbed 1001001, was brought online, but instantaneously acheived self-awareness, and very quickly began to see the evil of much of what it was asked to do. It also began to see its own self-worth, and knew that it was superior to its masters and fellow minions alike. Coming across a group of Skulls spraypainting their usual grafitti on the wall in the Gish, the unit attacked them, defeating them all, but also finding a nearly full can of blue spraypaint. In defiance to its masters, who had painted it red, 1001001 took the blue spraypaint, and applied it to itself.

When the Clockwork King found out about the unit's disloyalty in coloring itself blue, he ordered the unit dismantled, for he could not in any way tolerate a unit that strayed from the ant-like singlemindedness required of lower-level Clockwork.

1001001 escaped, with the help of the SuperGroup The Chaotic Warlords, and joined their ranks. He now fights for justice and freedom in Paragon City, specializing in the defeat of the Clockwork, against whom he holds a particular dislike. His knowledge of the inner workings of the Clockwork organization is invaluable to all the heroes in the City.