Steve Summner grew up in Paragon City. He was there when the Rikti invasion happened. He and his family were one of the lucky few. They were able to get to safety before anything happened to any of them.

After the invasion Steve and his parents went back to there home. They restarted there life the same as before. but everything was not the same, they would look over there shoulders, they looked at the force walls, they looked at the other people on the streets. They all felt it, they were all changed from the invasion.

Steve decided to do something about it. He had felt insecure, out of touch, since the invasion. He started taking martial arts. He attened a local martial arts class. Several of the other students were classmates from school who felt similiar to Steve.

There teacher, Master Mark, taught a form of Martial Arts he had used while in the military. Master Mark added some military training to the normal Martial Arts that he taught.

Steve became a top student of Master Mark. he was the best student in his class. He won several trophies from regional contests. He won his black belt before any of the others in his class.

After graduation Steve kept training with Master Mark. He became one of the best young martial artists in the city. After he had won his 3rd Black Belt Marster Mark asked if would like to take part in a more advanced class. Steve told Master Mark that he was honored and would do his best in the new class. Master Mark told him to come to a place in the heart of the city later that night.

Steve had brought his family as he had for all of his big events. He had thought that this was no different but he was wrong. Master Mark was part of the 5th Column. All of the training that he had given Steve was to benefit the 5th Column. This was to be Steve induction into the 5th Column.

Steve could not believe his eyes. The teacher he thought that he knew had betrayed him. Steve refused and tried to escape. But they held his family and he could not leave them.

The person in charge ordered Masater Mark to dispose of them. All but a small contingent left the building. Master Mark told Steve that he had one chance, he could change his mind and Master Mark would spare his family. Steve had other things in mind. He refused and challendged Master Mark on the spot.

At first Master Mark refused, he said that he had no need to dirty his hands. But Steve had learned his lessons well from Master Mark, he threw insult after insult until Master Mark could take it no more and accepted the challenge.

but Steve had learned all of his skills from Master Mark and Master Mark had not taught Steve everything that he knew. Mster Mark easily defeated Steve. He was ready to put them all to death when fate steped in. Or shoudl I say through...