the real origin




This is the real beggining of Xyfen.

Xyfen looks like a 24 year old, in truth he is 170 years old. He was born the same year as paragon city, skin color was normal along with no tail. when he was 97, with the body of a human baby, a group of nazi brought him to paragon city, while they and other criminals invaded paragon city.

Then years later he was kidnapped by the crey industries who tried turn him into a fighting machine to get back on top. There expirement went awry, with gave him a tale and green skin, and turned him back into a baby. They locked him in a wall and made sure he never got out or changed. They worked in adeva towers.

Then after, the devouring earth, destroyed what was woodvale, a man was cleaning up the debris he found xyfen.

A year after, scientists found out Xyfen's mother was a wonam tortured by nazis, the torture included electrocution and scientiffically radiating her, which explains Xyfen's control of electricity and mutant origin. His mother, of course, died when she had him.




This may be quite a long story, this is the story of Arkavius.

The Story begins in 1884 when scientific researcher Dahn Arahmah, was betrayed by his life long friends who saw what a monster he was turning into. Dahn was working on a super medicine called Hyberfill, wich would give him super abilities. At his 50th birthday he was clubbed, stabbed and beaten and then finnally buried alive, noone knows where.

50 years later a dark wizard, Arkavius, found his grave and revived the evil Dahn. Teamed with Arkavius, Dahn went to his old lab and took the hyberfill, so he like Arkavius could have inhuman abilities. Dahn was gifted the power of flames, in wich he could cause severe explosions with flick of the finger. Together he and Arkavius sought revenge on all the people who did Dahn wrong. One particular scheme was to destroy Dahns beloved uncle who had the idea of betraying Dahn. His uncle who was near death owned a fortune 500 company that was keeping his family well fed. So dahn figuered if he destroyed his uncles company., the entire family would go poor and fill their lives with misery. But, then Dahn realized that there was an even greater plan, his uncles company is a food warehouse, so Dahn made a plan to poison every peice of food in the warehouse, so every family member would die of poisoning. Dahn then told arkavius to use his dark powers on the whole factory.
"Arkavius, i need you to set a dark arau on every piece of food in this factory!" said Dahn.
"But then innocent people will have died because of us!" replied arkavius
"If thats how you feel then so be it!"
Dahn blasted a huge ball of fire at Arkavius knocking him back 50 feet through a window. Arkavius landed 3 storys below shaken with broken bones. Seeking revenge Arkavius called the police anonomously to warn them of Dahn. Dahn was sentenced life in prison, for murder of his uncle, who he had killed after he destroyed arkavius.

When arkavius landed he did not die but lost most of his powers, he is currently training to get them back, and fight against evil like Dahn.