Help me write a backstory...Please.




Lately, my characters on lIberty have been talking to me at night, usually while I sleep, but sometimes while I am drifting. They tell me their stories and they become more fun to play.

I have eight characters on Liberty, and thus far, most of them have told their stories... all of them, in fact, but two.

Both are female... I guess women are just inscrutible to me.

I cannot fathom what would motivate these characters, nor what their backstories would be. I know only the barest of cursory details about them, and it's making it harder and harder to play them.

PLease help me write a backstory for one or the other of them by participating in a roleplay session to create the story.

Here are the characters. They don't need to be in the same story, but if they end up meeting each other, so much the better, sionce they live in the same city.

Black Violet - Natural Katana/Regen scrapper. Half American/Half Okinawan military brat raised mostly in America. Wears tight leather buckles outfit in black and purple with her hair in the "chopstick bun" since it is more efficient, being a katana wielder. Prides herself on her sharp wit and her sharp blade.

Jungle Viper - Mutant Fire/Ice blaster - Brazilian. Grew up in Sao Paulo. Why she's in Paragon City at this time I have no idea. Fairly tall, wears green snakeskin with High-boots. Hair long, brown/eyes green. Likes to shop for clothes. Is actually a little vapid once in a while, but knows how to get down to business when necessary.

This is a serious request, since I would like these characters fleshed out a bit with some stories. Also, getting a RL female perspective would be bonus.