The Pointsettia




Hans Zeiglier held the tiny newborn girl in his arms, smiling proudly. She was so perfect, so fragile and delicate. And so deadly. Ja..mein little Pointsettia.

Hillary Zeigler grew up in Steel Canyon, never knowing her mother. Never knowing much of anything except 5th Column propoganda and indoctrination. Hans Zeigler, her father, had attained the rank of Ubermenschen Unteroffizier and he made sure his little Hillary would grow to greatness as well. Throughout her early years she was taught Latin, Greek, and German; the history of the Column, and how to kill a man in less than seven seconds. When she turned thirteen years old she had already acheived the rank of Nacht Fist and was the pride of her father's eyes and men.

And then her powers surfaced.

She learned that she could alter the molecular structure of the air around her into powerful blasts of pure photonic energy. Hans trained her diligently in the use of these powers, and applauded her when at the age of fifteen she grew so incensed against a potential suitor that she weilded her powers with great effect. Hans sent roses to the family.

As she approached her nineteenth birthday, she was sent out on a mission with her father and some underlings to obtain valuable documentation of a warhead from a deserted laboratory in King's Row. Superheroes became involved, and after a pitched battle Hillary found herself seperated from the main group and unable to escape. So she laid an ambush, and bided her time searching through the Column databases from the computer in the lab. There, under a classified document with her father's name, she found her birth records and reports.

Hillary had never known love. She had never known friendship. She had been trained only to hate. But something, some little spark of positive emotion was triggered in her when she read how she had come to be. As a fetus, she had been manipulated genetically to produce an ubermensch. But what roused her was what her mother had gone through. Endless months of agony and torture, bombarded by radiations; chimcals; and injected with drugs. It had cost her her life. And Hans had authorized all of it.

Hillary returned to her group in rage, and startled the local heroes by savagely and visciously turning on her Column allies. Finally, only Hans was left, fleeing with a raging daughter in hot persuit. Before the heroes could stop her, Hillary threw her father off the room and watched coldly as he plummeted to his death.

Pointsettia was born. She was taken in by her new friends, the King's Row Crusaders, but still she remains the cold, aloof German girl that speaks little and shows savage violence to any 5th Column she comes across. Like an avenging angel, the Pointsettia is bound and determined to reach the upper enchelons of the Column and topple it once and for all.

Only then, can Mother rest.