Origin: Lefty Snatcho




Hey everyone, I thought I'd try my hand at some of this background story stuff. If you wouldn't mind taking a glance thru and seeing what you think. Criticism is welcomed This is my vain attempt at an episode 1.


The alarm clock's buzz grew louder and louder with every slap of the snooze button. Groaning, the young man turned over and opened an eye to check the time.

"5:47...ah hell..."

He was late. He was always late. Due at the gym twenty minutes ago, he rushed out the door as he pulled a hooded sweatshirt on. Sprinting the twelve blocks to the gym, he walked in with hands up in an apologetic manner.

"Hey, you're early."

Glancing up at the clock, he saw he had made the run in a little over a minute, but he was still late.

"Wait..no, what?"

"Yeah, we moved up lift time to accommodate your busy schedule. We're starting at 6 these days."

"That's funny, no one told me."

"That's the point, you're early."

"You know, Ernie, you know me too well."

"And that's why I get paid the big bucks."

Starting in on their morning routine, the next two hours drifted by all too quickly. His body thoroughly exhausted, Lefty began the quick sprint back home again. He had been stuck in this rut for the last few years, and he was growing tired of it. Reflecting, he thought to himself that that was the point of rut - if it were enjoyable, people wouldn't be stuck in it. They'd be wallowing...

His life revolved around two things: working out and weapons training. It would be great to say that this determination grew out of a need to "serve and protect" as they say. Perhaps he was motivated to be virtuous, be a role-model - be a hero. However, he was pushed farther by none of these things.

Being the only regular ol' human in a family of mutants does wonders for the self-esteem. Both of Lefty's parents were noted superheroes, each doing their part in the Rikti invasion. Following in his mother's footsteps, Lefty's older sister, Phillie, had been blessed with the healing powers. But when evolution came knocking, Lefty didn't answer the door.

This vein ran deeper than just his immediate family. Just about every other person in his family carried some superpower - all but Ernie. Ernie was Lefty's first cousin - his only non-mutant cousin. Both boys were of a similar age, each put in a similar lot in life. Just as a matter of convenience, the boys became lifelong friends.

The boys new they had to make their mark on society. They couldn't be left on the wayside by their super powered family, overshadowed by a family name they could never live up to. So they devoted their lives to fine-tuning their own bodies, each perfecting their own skills. After a decade of training, the boys had now grown into men. Men whose developed skill could rival nearly any mutant's latent abilities.

After a decade, that was the key phrase. What his other family members had been given over night, it had taken him most of his life to receive. There was more than a little resentment tucked away inside Lefty's persona.

Reflection time was over, and Lefty had made it back to his rundown apartment. Rundown apartment was more of a euphemism he used. By rundown apartment, he meant abandoned warehouse. That was the great thing about Kings Row - all the solitude and empty buildings a guy could ask for.

Ducking around back, he stuck his palm up to the small grey pad that was mounted next to the door. Palm print confirmed, a small red beam erupted from directly above the door, performing a retina scan. Retina scan confirmed, the screech of metal on metal could be heard inside the door as the 10 three inch metal rods began their retreat backwards. Perhaps this sort of deadbolt was a little overkill, but there was no need to take any chances. Although his place looked like an abandoned warehouse from the outside, inside housed some of the most sophisticated equipment Paragon City had to offer. Besides, being a man of means didn't hurt anything, either.

Catching a quick nap followed by breakfast, Ernie had made his way over to Lefty's digs. With their work out done for the day, it was time for combat practice. Early on, the two had spent hours upon hours sparring. After a short time, it was evident that Ernie's knack for the martial arts was far greater than Lefty's. Discouraged by the beatings that ensued over the next few months, Lefty had given up on the melee combat to focus more on ranged attacks. Now that the two could no longer spar, they needed a better solution for their combat practices.

Putting on their training suits, they each climbed into a ring of sorts. The suits were laced with sensors, so as to pick up every slight movement of the wearer. Above each of the rings hung a force field generator. After the years of training, their techniques had grown rather deadly. Lefty had suggested the force fields as a way of protection for each other. Dawning the head gear, Lefty spoke up.

"Jovian, combat sim number 1214."

"You know we've never beaten this one, right?"

"Practice makes perfect."

The voice of the computer echoed back a confirmation. In seconds, the two were immersed in the simulation, finding themselves in the thick of battle.

"You know, many heroes better than us died here..."

"Ernie, shut up."

"It's the Rikti invasion, man. I mean look at these guys -"

"Shut up."

Bringing the rifle up to his eye, Lefty keyed in on the nearest invader.

"Get ready, because here they come."