Dark Trials Gideon's arrival to paragon City




Gideon meditated in the alter of the abandoned church in New York city when he felt a presence. Gideon opened his eyes only to see the angel Gabrial standing there. "You are needed elsewhere." Gideon looked at Micheal."What is wrong?" Gideon asks Micheal. There have been disappearences in Paragon City, People have been kidnapped and sacrificed, not only that there has been an increase in crimes and some people have claimed to have spotted zombies. Gideon looks at Gabrial. "I see." Gideon puts on his hooded trench coat. " You will be tested there fore I must relieve you of some of your powers." Micheal puts his hand on Gideon's head. His hands begin to glow as he removes some of Gideons powers. "Your powers will return as soon as you complete your trials." Gideon gets on his motorcycle and heads to Paragon city. Gideon rides on the highway and begins to think about what he was told. Gideon Finally arrives in Paragon city. Gideon makes his way to the police department. He looks at the posters of the missing people. I am here to investigate the kidnappings. THe police officer looks at him. You must be a new hero, come with me. Gideon goes with the police officer. The police officer takes him to the morgue. They enter a room. In the room Gideon sees a body covered up in a blanket. Gideon removes the blanketand sees a young girl around 14 with a hole on her chest. "This is Jenny Alverez She was reported missing two days ago, We found her in an alleyway with a hole in her chest cavity, The heart appears to be missing."Gideon kneels down and begins to pray for the girl.