Dark Revelations Chapter 1 Gideon's origin




One thousand years in the past in the year 1199AD a village is burned to the ground by a tyrant and his merauders. They go through the village killing every one in sight. They capture this one girl with the gift of fore sight. The girl's eyes turn white as she has a vision. "The time will come that you shall fall by the hands of the chosen. He shall be born into darkness and embraced by the light. A Savior sent by the son of God to protect the inocent and save the world. May the lord have mercy on your soul." The girl then dies after the prophecy. September, 30 1999 a thousand years after the prophecy. It is midnight, the weather is cool due to the changing of the seasons. A lone figure walks the streets alone. He walks to the park and sees a couple in the park the man that is with the girl starts kissing on her neck. The figure gets a glimpse of the mans face and recognises him. The man looks at the Stranger with his blood red eyes. The girl notices the Mans red eyes and screams. "Well well well if it isn't Rick Ricochet Benitez." The man says as he smiles. Ricohet looks at the girl who is terrified. She resembles his sister. Ricochet reaches into his trench coat and pulls out two uzis and Starts shooting the man as the girl takes cover behind one of the park benches. The man falls to the floor clutching his chest after being shot. Ricochet walks up to the man. "Finally Carlos's death has been avenged, Rest in pieces Stonecold." Ricochet says to himself as he looks at the body. The girl comes close to Ricohet looking at him frightened. As Ricochet turns around Stonecold gets up and the girl begins to scream. Ricochet turns around and Stonecold grabs him by the neck. "What the [censored]." Ricochet says to himself as he gasps for air. Ricochet struggles, but its useless. At that Moment Ricochet hears a voice in his head telling him it is time. Stonecold sinks his teeth into Gideon's neck and drains him of blood then drops him. "No please dont kill me." the frightened girl pleads but her pleads fall on def ears. Stonecold gets a hold of her and bites her on the neck draining her as well.

The next morning police officers can be seen all over the park. The officers and paramedics puts the girl's body in a bag. They pick up Ricochet's body and take it to Saint Josephs hospital in Paterson. Ricochet's family and friends surround the bed as the Doctors try desperatly to keep him alive. The Doctor ask Ricochet's friends and family to leave. While that is happening Ricochet finds himself in hell chained up. Ricochet again heres the voice telling him it is time. When he looks up, he sees Christ standing before him. "It is time for you to be reborn as Gideon Savior of the innocent." Christ tells him. Christ then squeezes his wrist and a drop of blood falls to the floor. The blood begins to sizzle and then takes the form of a sword. Christ picks up the sword and cuts the chains. "This is the sword of the spirit Nazarene use it wisely my child." Christ tells him. At that moment Gideon's soul is transported back into his body. The power of the sword is so great that it causes the machines that were suposed to keep him alive to explode. Ricochet's body is incinerated by the flames as he screams in pain. The sword begins to glow in the fire and an aura surronds whats left if Ricochet's body. The sword begins to reconstruct his body. when his new body is created, the explosions impact throws him out the window. Gideon finds himself with a new body resembling his old one but different and naked. Gideon falls on top of a police car and rolls down to the floor. The Police officers come out of the car and see Gideon standing there naked." Hey you, your under arrest." the cops yell out as they handcuff Gideon. The handcuffs go right through his wrists as if he were a ghost. Gideon then begins to run. The police pursue him. Gideon then finds himself leaning against the window of a clothing store and goes right through the window. Gideon hides in the store and sees the cops run past. Gideon grabs a pair of baggy jeans and a T shirt as well as some shades and puts them on. Gideon then walks out of the store and sees a shoe store. Gideon walks through the door and grabs some boots and puts them on as well. Gideon walks past a church and heres a voice telling him to come in. Gideon enters the church and goes to the alter and kneels down and begins to cry. " I know who you are." a voice tells him. Gideon looks up and sees the Pastor of the church. "The lord told me you would come." the Pastor tells him."Your name is Gideon but your real name is Rick Benitez." the Pastor continues." How do you know that?" Gideon asks him. "The lord told me." the Pastor replies. The pastor then gives Gideon a hooded trench coat like the one he wore. Gideon puts it on." I have an abandoned church that I own in New York, you can live there." the Pastor tells Gideon as he gives him the adress. Gideon thanks the Pastor.

Gideon heads to his house and gets on his motorcycle and heads to New York. Gideon rides down the highway heading towards the washington bridge. As Gideon rides the highway his head fills with memories of his friend Carlos being shot in the head in front of him by Stonecold, He then begins to think about what he saw before he died. He remembers Stonecolds eyes turning red and how he got up after being shot with his uzis. Gideon enters New York as he comes out of the Washington bridge. Gideon finds the church that the Pastor was talking about and parks the motorcycle in the back. Gideon walks the streets of New York looking for information about Stonecold. Meanwhile about a block away from where Gideon is, a girl is walking the streets alone, she hears footsteps and turns around. When she turns, she sees a few figures following her. She begins to run for her life, she looks back and sees that the figures are'nt there anymore. As soon as she turns back around, the figures are in front of her, and she notices that one of the figures is not human ,by his blood red eyes and long fangs. The girl begins to scream as this vampiric figure gets ready to embrace his victim. "No please" she cries out. At that moment another figure appears from the shadows, with a hooded trench coat and a sword made of platinum with a red gem. The figure is gideon. The vampire begins to speak "Who are you" the vampire says in his raspy voice. "Im hear to bring retribution for the lives you've taken hell spawn." Gideon replies. The vampire charges Gideon with ferocity. Gideon moves out of the way and grabs the vampire by the neck and lifts him up. "How can this be, who are you" the vampire yells. "I am the bringer of your death" Gideon replies, as he impales the vampire with his sword , detroying him. The other figures bare thier fangs as they surround Gideon. "Only three of you left, I'd reconsider if I were you."Gideon tells them. Two of the vampires attack. Gideon grabs the arm of one of the vampires and flips him over. Gideon then takes his sword and decapatates the other vampire. The third vampire that was watching pulls out a gun and fires a few shots at Gideon but Gideon turns ethreal and the bullets go right through him. Gideon flips over the vampire and cuts him in half from his head down to his crotch. The vampire that was on the floor gets up and runs away."Who are you" the girl asks Gideon. "My name is Gideon" he replies. "Think of me as your guardian angel" he adds as he disappears into the darkness.

Gideon heads back to the abandoned and thinks about what he had just seen. Stonecold aint the only vampire he thinks to himself, but after going to hell and back he realizes that the demons his father told him about are'nt the only creatures that prey on humans. Now there are vampires. "What else exists that people believe to be myths." he says to himself. Morning comes and Gideon wonders what to do its been awhile since hes had something good to eat. Gideon puts his hands in his coat pockets and finds ten thousand dollars in his pocket. It appears that this pastor left him some money to use as he wished. Gideon leaves the church and finds a puerto rican restaurant. Gideon buys himself some rice and beans with pork shoulder and eats. Gideon leaves the restaurant and continues to investigate Stonecold. Gideon talks to some local drug dealers The drug dealers tell him to come back at night. Gideon leaves and heads back to the church to wait till night. Night falls and Gideon heads back to where he saw the Drug dealers. Gideon meets up with the Drug dealers in an alley way. "So what can you tell me about Stonecold?" Gideon asks them. "Stonecold runs a cartel." the drug dealers tell him. "Where can I find him?" Gideon asks. "You'll find him in his club the Night Haven." the dealers reply. Before Gideon gets to ask them anymore questions he is hit in back of his head and is knocked out. When Gideon wakes up he finds himself chained up in a cell. "Hope you had a nice nap." a voice tells him Gideon looks up and sees Stonecold standing in front of him with a few other vampires. "Who are you?" Stonecold asks Gideon. Gideon just spits in his face. Stonecold gets angry and punches Gideon in the face. "Im gonna ask you again. Who are you?" Gideon just laughs at him. Stonecold punches Gideon in the face again opening up Gideons eye. Gideon just looks at Stonecold as the blood trickles from the cut under his eye. Gideon tries to go ethreal but with no sucess. "If you think you can go ethreal and come out of those shackles think again , these are special." Stonecold tells Gideon. Stonecold and the other vampires leave. Stonecold gets in his black limo and leaves Castle Ramirez to go to the Night Haven. An hour passes and Gideon begins to pull the chains until he finally breaks them off the wall. Gideon summons his sword and cuts through the shackles. He then goes ethreal and walks through the bars. Gideon walks out of the castle and is spotted by four vampires. The four vampires go after Gideon. Gideon finds himself self surrounded. Gideon does a round house on one of the vampires as he flips over another vampire and impales him with his sword. another vampire grabs him from the back and he head bunts him Gideon then turns around and slices him in half. The fourth vamire charges Gideon. Gideon runs towards him. When Gideon passes him, he decapatates him. The vampire that was kicked by Gideon tries to run but Gideon catches up to him and cuts his legs off then decapatates him as well. When he leaves the castle, Gideon finds a car and hotwires it then heads back towards New York City. When Gideon gets back to New York City, he searches for the Night Haven. Finally, Gideon finds the Night Haven. He enters the Night Haven and Spots Stonecold walking out the club with a girl. Gideon follows them out of the club into an alley way. Gideon sees Stonecold about to embrace the girl and begins to catch flash backs, but snaps out of it just in time. "Let her go!" Gideon yells out. Stonecold turns around and sees Gideon." How did you get out?" Stonecold asks him with a surprised look on his face. The Girl looks at Stonecolds face and is frightened by his blood red eyes and his fangs. "You want to know who I am, Ill give you a hint." Gideon tells him. Stonecold swings at Gideon but he blocks the punch. Gideon punches Stonecold in the stomach then on the face. Stonecold tackles Gideon against the wall. Gideon hits Stonecold with an elbow to the back of his neck. Stonecold then picks up Gideon and scoop slams him. Gideon trips Stonecold. Stonecold gets up and pulls out his spanish rapier. Stonecold charges Gideon, Gideon then summons his sword Nazarene and a bright light consumes him. When the light disappears, armour appears on Gideons body under his trenchcoat." What the [censored]?" Stonecold says as he sees this. "You killed me and I've come back for vengeance." Gideon tells him. The two adversaries get thier swords ready and begin to duel it out. Stonecold swings at Gideon with ferousity, but Gideon blocks all of his attacks with his sword. Gideon cuts Stonecold in the hand thats holding the rapier. Stonecold drops the rapier. Gideon then cuts Stonecold in the face leaving a scar in his right eye. Stonecold Screams in pain. "Here is something for you to remember me by." Gideon tells him. "By the way, my name is Gideon." he adds. Gideon then leaves with the girl.