Paragon City Film Festival - Coming Soon!




Attention all you budding Raimis, Spielbergs and Jacksons!

The chance to show off your cinematic skills by creating an award-winning short film is coming soon in our first ever Paragon City Film Festival!

Using demo game footage, show us the city through the eyes of your hero or team. Be the ultimate CoH film director, show us your editing skills, create your own exciting story, add captions, music, voiceovers—be creative! Take us on flights of daring, show us spectacular battles, heroic rescues or zany antics. Submitted films will be judged in two categories: Best Action and Best Comedy. Selected films will be awarded super prizes! If you wish to add a musical score to your work, NCsoft and Cryptic Studios will be supplying original music for your use. Due to legal issues, films that use trademarked characters or copyrighted music and/or sound (including voice) clips will be disqualified from the contest.

We’ll be providing more film festival specifics (official rules, contest dates, etc) soon, so while we encourage you to start formulating your ideas, please hold off on the actual filming of your award-winning film project until we bring you all the details. Stay tuned!