A word from Cynergetic Enterprises




On the floating and mounted screens of Paragon City’s technology and media centers a short blink of light turns the heads of thousands. Each screen glows white and empty and the background noise slowly fades from the original programming to a soft hum. As programmers and technicians at the numerous cable and satellite stations pour over diagnostics in a panic, the citizens and heroes of the city witness a brief glimpse into another world.

A handsome man in a white lab coat fades into view before the bleached white light of the screen. His features are unassuming and plain. Brown hair, brown eyes behind a pair of thin glasses, his build is tall but his frame is less then impressive. When he has come to full clarity he begins to speak.

“Welcome to Cynergetic Enterprises.” The background instantly changes to that of a clean, metal lab similar to those seen on Portal Corporation brochures. Men and women in lab coats are peppered at desks and counters, all manner of scientific instruments before them. “We would like to thank you for your continued support.”

“At Cynergetic Enterprises we are proud to lead the arms industry in both technology and saturation.” A rather large rifle bearing the trademark triple diamonds of Cynergetic appears in the arms of the speaking man. The features are smooth and simple, a slow blue pulse runs from the tip of the oval barrel to the weapon’s center where it fades into the metal. An armored Rikti soldier fades into vie in the distance while the previous background fades back to the bright white.

“The Rikti standard issue Active Power Suit is forty times stronger then the most advanced vehicle platting available to military use while maintaining a thickness of less then two millimeters.” The screen instantly changes to a closer view over looking the man’s shoulder as he hoists the weapon up and aims at the Rikti in the background. “It is nearly impervious to conventional energy weapons and both sub-zero and steel melting point temperatures.”

The Rikti begins to struggle against unseen bonds. The cold featureless shields over its eyes seem to unveil emotions of dread and terror. As it struggles it appears weakened and frail and the bonds holding it in place are relentless and unmoving. The man in a lab coat pulls at a featureless trigger point on the weapon which emits a quick flash of blue energy. Instantly it collides with the bound Rikti in a blinding flash of light.

The figure struggles one last time before going limp, held up by invisible bonds at its wrists. As the last breath of life leaves the armored alien its black armor begins to dissolve at the point of impact, soon the flesh and bone follow in a gruesome display. The angle pans back to the man in the lab coat, his hands empty of the weapon and the background empty of any previously bound firing targets.

“Thanks to your continued support we are able to offer the most advanced in enhancements available in the industry. We would like to introduce you to our latest Tactical Routine, the first in a line of beneficiaries to benefit from the technology we have just exhibited.” The man instantly disappears replaced with another figure. Not as tall, but built impressively, the man has grey hair and chiseled features. Oddly attractive, the new man is likewise wearing a lab coat over a pair of white pants and a grey shirt and tie, his eyes hidden behind a pair of reflective seeing glasses.

“My name is Isaac Vory and I am the project leader for the now discontinued Cy project. At Cynergetic Enterprises we have completed the Cy line and are pleased to introduce the pinnacle of our production line.” The man’s voice is cold and nearly emotionless, an odd monotone masking his enthusiasm. Beside him a seven foot tall armored man stands as though it had been there the entire time.

The features are glowingly polished and the armor whispers of power. The left side of the body glows a tropical, sea blue, the right a featureless white. The right arm ends in a large glove covered in vents and reflective plates. “This is the Aloha, Cynergetic’s most advanced Combat Routine.”

“Aloha is faster, stronger and smarter then previous models. His social routines are nearly human and his actual intelligence has evolved faster then even simulations.” The impressively armored figure lurches to life just before disappearing, leaving Isaac by himself in the featureless background. “Cynergetic has decided to allow the Aloha to represent its interests in Paragon City.”

A final half face shot shows the reflective face of the Aloha, devoid of any facial features, the head has a cold and lifeless polish instead. The words flash for only a second, barely noticeable to even the most aware of the heroic viewers.

“The Aloha Combat Routine, deciding the future of combat.”

The screen turns white and the low hum begins again as whatever previous programming fades back into view and then into motion, continuing as though it had never been interrupted. People begin to forget the display, within seconds it is as though it never happened at all. In the minds of men and women alike the program’s final words echo.

Before a humble electronics shop in the Kings Row Jackson Beojackson stands frozen before the television screens protected behind glass and steel bars. The public figure’s brow is covered in sweat and an uncharacteristic panic has fallen over his face. Slowly he turns his head down and lifts his wrist to stare at his watch. A quiet click and the set of hands rotating a blue and green sphere turn back fifteen notches, the large outer ring continues its pace.

Fifteen seconds of time stop here on Earth? She couldn’t…

To even the strongest minds of gifted heroes the program has begun to fade but like bells on Christmas day the final words ring, minutes later the entire program is barely a forgotten dream and life continues unchanged.