I am The Azure Ace, and this is my vow...




I vow, as The Azure Ace, to uphold the true meaning of 'Hero' throughout my tenure in Paragon City's many Zones.

I shall endeavour to assist anyone in need of help, regardless of level, to the best of my ability. When in need, a fallen Hero shall always receive my assistance when requiring resurrection. A well placed Heal, or a much-needed Hold shall assist wherever possible. I shall fight evil to my last breath, and assist all until the last drop of endurance is gone from my body.

My costume is not just for show - it is a herald to the virtues that I try to uphold while I roam this fair city. Be warned, Evildoers! The Azure Ace is here, and I am here for GOOD!

You will find me on the Triumph Server in Paragon City, in character, and ready for action!

Who's with me?