RP Concept on Virtue: Space Amazons Away!




Space Amazons.

Chuckle away! Here is my concept which a friend of mine and myself have already put forward, are role-playing, and having a great time with.


In one of the many infinite parallel universes that exist, which are connected to our own through a suspension of wormholes, exists a galaxy very much like ours. In fact, a Solar System more so like ours aside from one fact. This galaxy had a human civilization much like ours, due to the infinite nature of parallel universe coincidence, except one minor problem. There took place a great fraction between the male and female sexes, each separating from the other as they learned to reproduce by technological techniques. A massive war which first started the grand “Gender Wars” took place on Earth, and ultimately destroyed the planet. Both factions retreated. The females went to planet Athens (Venus) while the males went to planet Sparta (Mars). There they continued to build up their own societies of gender specific creation. Life on these planets became extremely tranquil and regimented to a degree (1984.) People were created in test tubes with the exact genetic modifications for their station in life. (A Brave New World.) However, these worlds weren’t dystopias. They weren’t utopias either. Yet they still remained in constant combat with the other opposing sex. Finally, they both ended up creating a massive weapon of destruction that would compress space time itself into a very tight contraction, thus destroying everything within the general vicinity of this exotic “heavy matter.” Luckily for both of the planets, they also had a grand defensive shield put up around them. The Athenians and the Spartans both used their grand dooms day device on one another, which ended up tearing a worm-hole exactly around the planets, hurdling them forward into our current day galaxy, while replacing the current planets of Venus and Mars into the parallel universe that the planets of Sparta and Athens came from.

Confused at the current state of affairs, the two planets met together to set up a temporary peace treaty to put the Gender Wars on hold. They would both agree to use the current planet Earth with it’s unheard of mixed population of males and females as a ground for experiments, deciding if the two races (sexes) can live together without the need to totally annihilate one another. So now, probing officers have landed on the planet Earth, but Athenian and Spartan members to gather scientific data about the state of the planet.

So far, Officer Karen (Blaster Fire/Power) and Nurse Arenk (Controller Ice/Empathy) have landed on the planet Earth, both members of the Macron Athenian scout military division.

Explanation on the two types of members in an Athenian or Spartian society. Due to the ease of power availability, in which both societies are Type II societies (Able to control all the power resources of a planet, as well as mine a Star for power) both societies have created specially designed humans for military purposes. These are the Macrons, a venture first attempted to increase the battle capability of a single individual by simply increasing their size. (Robotech) Macrons in a society are usually of fifty feet in stature, and serve almost entirely in the military. They have a wide range of macrons, from officers to nurses, to operate the wide range of needs of a modern battalion. The majority of Macrons spend their time in space upon large capital ships that float about the solar system, fighting their counterparts. Macrons have one continent on a planet reserved specifically for them. The majority and rest of the population are microns. Or “normal” sized humans.

However for this scouting venture, a new proto-type shrink process has been produced to decrease the size of these macrons sufficiently to carry out their mission on planet earth, while also keeping a small size advantage for combat purposes.

Thus all Macrons, and generally all of the Athenian and Spartan scouting parties arriving on earth are of maximal height possible in the char creation screen. (7-8 feet)

Character Creation:

If you would like to join us in this venture, let us know. I can be contacted on “Amira the Jinn” or the “Royal Jester” as well as “Officer Karen.” You can choose to produce either Athenian or Spartan characters, both who have been bound under the Gender Wars peace treaty to cease their fighting. Characters must be of maximal height, unless they are not of the Macron military variety, which is highly unlikely. They are most likely technology based archetypes. Note that these two sexes in fact view each other as different races, due to the great work of the propaganda ministries on both of the planets to discourage empathy between the two sexes. Thus any created member of one of these two people will be generally clueless and highly speculative of the opposite sex. Things like the dreaded “Cootie” virus are in fact not a comedic thing to them, but a dreaded and in fact non-existent form of sickness that constantly perpetuates itself around members of the opposite sex. At any rate, I imagine at this point you get the general idea. State if you wish to make a character here, and have fun.

On naming the character, please try to select a title in front. Such as “Officer” or “Nurse” or “Doctor” as due to their professional nature.