Gauging interest in an Investigation-themed SG




I'm curious how many people here would be interested in participating in a SG based around the concept of Paranormal Investigations.

My idea is to have a group of named characters (as in a regular name, not a "hero" name) who are investigators in an entity known as "The Elohim". This SG will be mainly concerned with investigating roleplayed player-introduced crimes, criminals and mysteries. i.e. as much concerned with what goes on here in the boards as they are what goes on in the actual game.

The Elohim have a particular explanation for the existence of super heroes/super powers. They believe that far in the past angelic/alien beings tampered with human DNA, creating an entirely new race of superhuman beings called Nephilim. Their job is to track down the descendants of the Nephilim (e.g. the heroes in Paragon) and either help the Nephilim using their powers for good or stop those using their powers for ill.

In my case, my Elohim character would be an alter ego for my Nephilim character, but whether anyone else does that is up to them.

If this sounds interesting, we could also explore having an "active arm" of The Elohim composed of Nephilim who use the information gained by The Elohim to champion the cause of justice and righteousness.

What do you folks think?



Sounds quite interesting. I'm not sure if I'd be able to do it or not, (i have so many characters involved in different groups), but I'll continue to look into it.



I appreciate your taking the time to post.

I think this would be a lot of RP fun for people if we get enough interest. There's room for all origins and, so long as their players are roleplayers, stories.

I'm hoping I can drum up a little interest in it.



Impressive, someone did their homework on Angels.

I'm a bit of a mythology buff and I'd be all for something like this. Just let me know what server and what kind of character concept you're looking for beyond an investigator.

For what it's worth I've been running a pen and paper RPG for almost 8 years now with a "Paranormal Investigators" setting to it, so I have a ton of ideas to offer if you're interested.



I'd be thrilled to have someone else who understands what I'm trying to do with it. =)

I posted an identical message on the Virtue board and in one response I addressed what server I planned to base it on (Virtue), however the idea is basically open for another server if someone wants to take it and run with it.

As far as character concepts go, it's entirely up to the player. Another thing I addressed on the other board was that I can see there being an "active arm" of The Elohim composed of Nephilim (Heroes in the more classic sense) that use the information gathered by The Elohim in order to champion the cause of justice. The Elohim is just the investigative arm, but the door is open for people who want to be a little more action oriented.

I've been running p&p games for a long time myself, so if there is enough interest from people who want to do this I'm sure that we could all create a really amazing RP that enriches everyone's experience in the game. =)



Posted from the other board, so those interested can see a consolidated concept:

"I would be interested in this definitely. I assume the members of Elohim would maybe all be of the Mutant origin or do any and all work for the story? Also does Elohim exist already or do we, the characters, decide to forge it on our own as a result of us being in the same boat so to speak? I look forward to hearing more of this!"

Actually, I think it would work well for all the origins. The potentiality for being a Nephilim is encoded in the hero's genes and the origin is only the method by which they "decrypt" that information. For instance, it's just as reasonable to say that a Science Blaster used genetic mapping to activate their superpowers as it is to say that it's a mutation. Technos can say that they use technological constructs to tap into their latent powers and/or amplify them. Etc etc.

Bottom line: All origins would be welcome and it would add a new and potentially interesting dimension to character backgrounds and creation.

As far as whether the Elohim exists already or not, I would say yes insofar as they have been around for milennia. However, I'm sensitive to a player's desire to shape the history of any group they participate in, so I'm completely open to using player submissions both in the present time AND in The Elohim's past. This means that not only can participating characters shape the present, but the past as well.

We'll have to see how posting about the history of The Elohim goes, because we would need to ensure that there is a certain amount of continuity oberved... but I think it would offer a wide range of ways for participating players to shape the world of The Elohim and its history.



((This idea has incredible potential, in background, roleplay options, and character development. Props, Balt, and please don't hesitate to enlist Rose's aid.))



Thank you, Rose. I'm looking forward to having The Elohim interact with you and, perhaps, your SG. In fact I'm hoping that all the RP SGs will welcome us into the community, because I think we'll be a bridge between all of you and add a lot to the roleplaying community on Virtue.



Oo very interesting I have to say. While my main character already has a home I would certainly be open to the idea of creating a character for this. Keep us updated as to what you decide to do!



Well, now that the interest level is rising I'd have to say that the next step is for me to post an introductory RP in here and let people run with it. That, and work out the niggling little details about the actual SG and its organisation. I'd estimate that I'll be ready to kick it all off in about a week, maybe two. Need to do some networking with the Virtue RP SG's.



Tentative plans are to launch The Elohim on Aug. 1. That should give our prospective members plenty of time to polish their character concept (if needed) and for me to compose an introductory post for the RP boards without feeling rushed.

Until then I want to welcome everyone to discuss what they would like to see out of The Elohim. Since we plan on being pretty much everywhere in the RP community I think all RPers' opinions on what we should and shouldn't be are valid.

Also, if there are interested parties who are web designers we could surely use your help as well. While I can't pay a designer in anything more than heartfelt thanks, the site itself may end up being rather important to the RP community. I already have the wonderful SlipLocke creating our logo, but we'll need a clearing house for our investigations and the information they bring in. Many thanks in advance.



A quick note for all and sundry...

Having now decided to give the original idea a chance to sink or swim, we're now using the Original Post as a forum to discuss ideas on how to best implement it. Everyone who has posted here already and anyone else who may be interested in interacting with The Elohim are welcome to go to that thread and post their ideas or respond to the questions we are posing.

Come tell us what you think!