The Past's Hatred: The Story of Tribal Steel




About fifty years scince the demise of the Third Riech. No one thought the pasts hatred would still seep in to the future, as all did in Paragon City a picture of perfection... or atleast it used to be after the Rikti invasion.

In Steel Canyon Al Papavich studied much of the past of the world and Paragon City. World War II consumed all of Western Europe and America could not ignore it. Hitler and his "Final Solution" never truely ended even in Paragon City. Al Papavich grew up with his family of 4 in a small apartment in Royal Overlook. He never had much to do, he would always just "walk the town". This walk would be his last.

The 5th Column were still continuing with Hitler's dream of the Final Solution. Al didnt fit in with the equation. Being Catholic but not truely religeous it didnt matter to them. His tribal scottish background didnt help either... They took Al to a lab they had broken into it was filled with toxic chemicals and materials. Including alpha, beta and gamma plutonium. They knocked Al Papavich out cold and disrobed him to his boxer briefs. He was layed onto a table. He was in more trouble then anyone could imagine.

They experimented on him first by hindering his eyesite and after tests forceing him to awnser questions test his vision with a visor. For everytime he refused they would either electricute him or cut him. The visor worked he could see perfect and also could enable night vison and infrared.

Then they removed muscle from his legs replacing them with magnetic rods and geometric neurons were placed to make his legs stronger so he could run faster and jump higher. See the 5th Column were trying to make super soldiers.

The final and most gruesome experiment was the severed Al's arms...well most of his arms. In there place the put Titanium Steel Alloy Gauntlets. They infused his nerves and the many intricut circuts together with focused alpha wave radiation from the plutonium as the did with the other tests.

Not seeing him worth there time and effort they dumped him in an ally thinking they killed him. They were wrong, he woke up unsure of what happened just knowing he had strange hands and a visor he had to wear to see better. His hands hurt and he clenched his fists then releasing concentrated energey from his hands.

He was terrifiedof what happened and now angry for what the meniacle Column did to him. Swearing vengence he would destroy the 5th Column and there cause with it.

Now for Al Papavich to live a normal life to hide his power he had to wear glasses in order to see better and wear a tight fitting skin colored glove the Freedom Corp. issued him. Also he mostly weared long sleeve shirts. Yet he would never stray from his casue, he formed a bit of chest armor with his Tribal runes on it and wore pants with the tribal symbols as well. With the visor over his face he was hidden from the eyes of the citizens.

The 5th Column and other villians of Paragon City would remember him as Tribal Steel...

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Part II: Wake of the experiment

In the weeks after the experiments of the 5th, Al Papavich or Tribal Steel was opened up to a whole new world, many people work for the sole purpose of helping heroes in Paragon City. In his entire life he never noticed the stores and buildings dealing with super powered people. Even at his age of 20 he now new he was not alone in his fight.

Tribal Steel's first patrol would define his life in its entirety. He was contacted by a man named Mark Delbourne. He was told the 5th Column were issuing propaganda to people that they took from the street. Tribal Steel gladly accepted the assingment "You've got my help Mark, no need to fear i'll bring those bastards down." He hung up the phone and prepared himslef. He followed Mark's instuctions to a small office building. It looked dark and eiry, he felt the surges of electricity and slashes of a surgical knife come back to him. He shu this eyes behind his visor and cleared his thoughts.

He stepped into the reception room in the entrence of the building, and heard shouting and sounds of a interigation in progress. PAKK!! ugh.. THUDD!! ahh.. "Watch NOW! you see "uden" equals number one enemy!" Tribal Steel heard the word "uden" and locked his jaw and clenched his fists. "I may not be jewish but I fight for them". Tribal slowly walked through the hallways coming to a corridor that spanned into many rooms. Lights shone through the cracks of the doors. He opend the first door slowly and silently and couldnt believe his eyes. Propaganda films, only three 5th were making two men watch these films. The footage was of some conectration camps from the time of the war and Tribal almost lost it. He learned form his training and focused a high powered beam into the largest Columns back he hit the groud as the other two swung around. "You ignorant fool" one spoke. "Im ignorant i dout it" Tribal Steel replied. They both pulled out daggers as Tribal blasted them with a huge wave of energy. UGHH! AGHH!! they hit the ground.Tribal Steel untied the two prisoners and sent them on there way out of the building. The next two rooms were just like the first but the lst was the worst...



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Tribal Steel first peered into the room then pulled back and stood for a moment. What Tribal Steel saw was first a yamaka on the ground, it was stepped and spit on. The worst was in the cahir a man being beaten by two other larger men. He was tied to the chair so he couldnt fight back, as if he would beable to.

Tribal Steel kicked the door in and shot a power bolt into a smaller ones chest then sent sever small beamns of energy at the other one. Then quickly he charged at the 5th Column and bunched him as he focused energey to the tips of his hands. OOF!! "Thats WHAT YOU GET!!" Tribal Steel hit him right in the stomach and sent the man flying back. He hit the wall and moaned in pain. Then Tribal Steel cahrged for a powerful beam to kill the hate monger. He fired it off ending this nightmare.

As Tribal Steel collected his thoughts and wiped the tears from his face, he went to the yamaka and tried to clean it up some. Then he untied the man and helped him otu of the building. "Thank you...sir, I..dont think...I would have out alive" the man said. "Don't mention it" Tribal Steel replied and put the skull cap on the mans head. "Whats your name hero?" asked the man. "Steel, Tribal Steel..." Tribal awnsered and then flew off.

The images Tribal witnessed in that office building hit him hard, he couldnt believe it got that bad even in Paragon City. The oath he made to himself when he was changed was pumping with life and he would never turn from his cause.

Hopefully Tribal Steel knows of the dangers and Risks he will face in stopping the 5th Column...

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Part III: Flashbacks

Worn out from the assignment Mark gave him he slowly flew home. He lived in an apartment with many heroes so he didnt want to wake any up. He thought to himself why would the 5th take people from the street and make them watch films. He landed in a hall window, thats when he relized "Ohh, I'm so stupid, there recruiting... forcefully or voluntaraly they dont care." He wlked down the hall to his room he heard running and muffled shouting. As Tribal Steel stood there, to his disbelieve four 5th Column came to his floor. Tribal Steel didnt want to wake anyone up so he ran and jumped out the window and flew to the roof. He waited as he heard them yelling and shouting. They reached the roof and two men fired machine guns. Tribal Steel ran behind a heavy layerd ventelation shaft. The other two ran around and attacked Tribal Steel, Tribal responded by fireing two bolts of energy at the men knocking them back and quickly shot more energy at them as they lay beaten on the groud. The Bullets kept ringing against the metal. Waiting for them to reload Tribal stept out from behind safty and shot one Column and did the same to the other. He waited for them to get up but the lay motionless.

Tribal Steel walked down the stairs and down the hall. He opened his door at walked into his room. He got into his pajamas and lay in bed. All Tribal Steel, or Al Papavich hoped for was not to have any nightmares tonight.



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Part: IV Reaccuring Hate

Over the weeks Tribal Steel fought the 5th Column almost everyday, they knew Tribal Steel as an arch enemy. So now Tribal was in trouble he can be hunted. Tribal was patrolling when ten 5th Column stormed him! "AHH you filthy kraut snappers!!" Tribal yelled as he flew into the air. Rockets flew passed his head and bullets whizzed in every direction. Tribal Steel sniped off a few before they ran off knowing the attack was a failuire. As they retreated Tribal shouted "SNIPERR OOHHHH!!". Then he continued with his patrol.

The next day Tribal Steel was simply jumping from roof top to roof top when he was ambushed again. This time they werent humans they were.... machines. Huge and small robots attacking him. He blasted two and the plumeted to the ground below. As he batted more away with powerful punches. one remained and gave Tribal Steel this message: "note this hero; we will not stop..we will not fail...until you fall..." then the machine sprinted away.

For an odd reason Tribal Steel was hurt by it. "Yeah I may have killed alot of them, and now thye want to kill me. Understandable, but I wont fall." AS the sun was setting on a busy day in Paragon City Tribal Steel flew to a high skyscraper in his home town of Steel Canyon. The sun shone more then he ever knew before. It gave him hope seeing such a bright, beutiful yet powerful image. "sigh I'll be alright."

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Part V: Revelation of Hatred

He opened his eyes... confused and disoriented as he rubbed his eyes trying to focus his hands were hard and cold. His eyes fixated on his hands relizeing they were metal. He screamed. "Ahh!" Al Papavich woke from a nightmare, his nightmare. Of they day he became something not human.

He put on his armor and gear. He flew out the window on his way to Mark Delbourne for another assignment. "Well Tribal, I've got a serious mission for ya. Theres a lab in control by the Column, its up to you to kick em' out." Tribal Steel thought hard and just nodded, as he walked down the sidewalk the sun glistened near mid-day. He thought that there would be no way it was the lab from his nightmare, his story, his hatred...

He reched the lab in Steel Canyon. In his mind he thought "please no.. not now, I'm not ready." Forcing himself he stepped into the door. The room led into a deep swirving hallway. Strange machines and contraptions whirred and buzzed in a mass of confusion. The lab was empty, deserted. He found his way into a room that he never wanted to see...

A table, shackels, surgical tools. No matter how many times he said it to himself "this isn't it.. *snif*" as he cried at the edge of the table he thought of his past life being normal. Not consumed by darkness only covering it with bitter happiness.
He collected himself and stood up. His head hung from his shoulders. He readied himself for battle. Tribal Steel will be merciless and vengful. He ran into a large room with huge conductors emitting large amount of electrical power.

Several 5th Column soldiers stood there with three scientists. HE focused his mind and chrged a focused blast killing one where he stood. They turned "GET THE IDIOT!" "FOR THE CAUSE!" they all shouted. tribal leaped into the air kicking a soldier into another behind him, as they shot back two man grabbed Tribal Steel and heaved him into the wall. "OOF" as he hit the wall and then hit the ground. The men were Raseri devoted fully to the cause of the 5th Column. One pulled out a pistol and aimed it at Tribals head. "lift him up" the raseri officer ordered. The remaining 3 men picked up Tribal Steel. He was dizzy and had trouble conetrating, just knowing he was in grave danger. "Hey d*ck wad, yea you. You forgot about knockin' me out" Tribal Steel snapped at the officer. Then Tribal screamed and let loose a charge of energy that emitted from his entire body, sending all the men in the room into hard solid objects knocking htme out. Including the scientists. "Batards.." Unfortunetly the cammanding officer and his body guards walked in pulling out automatic rifles and shotguns, opening fire on Tribal Steel. Tribal shot a bolt of energy at the Raseri bodyguard with the high spped automatic rifle in the head killing him in a gruesome amount of gore. " not gonna eat for weeks." The commander was named Oberst,General Oberst. He was a true propaganda master for the 5th Column, and he knew what to do with foolish heroes that wander into 5th Column strongholds. He lobbed grenades to where Tribal was hiding flushing him out. "Eat shrapnel you inferior pest" he mocked as he tossed three grenades. As Tribal Steel was behind the conductor he focused his anger and calmed his mind and body. He was in the preverbial "zone" nothin would stop him now. He jumped out holding a grenade as hurled it at the two men. The General and his body guard were dead where they stood. The grenade went off BLAMM!! The room was covered in blood. As was Tribal Steel, but his vengence was not served just. The men knocked out from his furious blast were not dead....yet. With all his angst, anger, fury and pur hatred he threw each man that lay on the ground into those power conductors.

Wen it was over Tribal Steel aka "Al Papavich" thought he was purged of his revenge. It was dwindled greatly, but not yet. More had to be done... FOr now all he wanted to do was sleep, now that his nightmare had ended and he could dream in peace.

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Part VI A: Hunting Season

Much of the time Tribal Steel spent after his confrontation with the lab crushed him. His spirit faded and wasent much of a hero, the hero you read about in the newspaper or watch on the news. He needed somehting to reddem himslef. The only thing is he didnt plan on doing something to lift himself from this depression. He sat there in a dark empty room. His apartment filthy from lack of care. The light flickerd on and off. He lowered his heads and cried in his hands. "No *snif* heroes go through *snif* this I bet *snif*." He gathered his witts and put on his costume. When he came out into the city of Paragon City, it seemed different so empty and pale. He flew to a low building. It looked as he felt, low, alone and deserted. He stood there out into the city seeing no one but shadowy figuers. Then a sharp, stern roar came from behind him. As Tribal Steel turned around a ficticious creature came up from the fire escape...

tribal Steel didnt think they truely excisted. The strangest thing it wore a suit bearing the symbol of the 5th Column. From what Tribal Steel could remmeber, he over heard a hero speak of beings like this. "It was so strong and was stunningly fast. It was a Warwolf" Tribal Steel knew he was in trouble casue one more Warwolf followed the first.

Tribal Steel was in no mood to fight which only helped him. It brung out fury from the inside. He shot three strong blasts with great speed at each of them. They beasts took the blows just getting puched back. "Oh hell.." Tribal Steel ran to the door leading to the inside of the building firing as he ran. Pelting one Warwolf, the second monster charged enraged and roaring. The beast didnt go around the small door frame and structure, it simply swung through it shattering the bricks around the roof top. Tribal Steel caught off guard punched the Warwolf in the face and chest several times only making the beast flinch. The monster thrashed its paw into Tribals ribs. He was knicked aside. Adrenaline pumped through Tribal Steels veins and quickly fliped onto his feet. This was what Tribal needed, something to bring him back to life. Inspiring him to fight again. These beasts were Tribal Steels stepping stone to a cleansed life. Tribal Steel focused an energy blast into his fisht bracing himself for the moment of firing. "SNIPERR OOOHHHH!!" he shouted. The beast staired confused as the shot went right through his skull between the eyes. Dropping it to the floor. The first Warwolf roared in anger. "Come get some Wolf.." It charged as Tribal fired several shots at its body. The monster glanced each blast from its body showing pain but it was in a violent rage that wouldnt stop. The Warwolf hit Tribal Steel with its head and paws launching him off the building and onto the ground below.

Tribal Steel staggered back up in fear as the beast leapt twords him. Tribal launced a cone attack in the wolfs direction, it stopped the Warwolf in its tracks. It hit the ground leaving an imprint on the ground. Tribal Steel fired a bolt the severed the monsters leg. It wailed in pain still trying to attack him. Tribal Steel backed up preparing for a final shot when the Warwolf pulled out a gun. They each fired at the same time. Tribal Steel got lucky hitting the beast in the chest, bursting its heart within its body. Tribal Steel was hit it the shoulder and was knocked to the ground, bleeding hoping for help.



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Part VII: Deseased Hate

Stirring in his bed Al "Tribal Steel" Papavich couldnt sleep, his wound from the bullet was just healed completly thanks to a near by herowith amazing healing powers. As he tossed and turned he finally decided to go for a walk. Just to be safe he went in his costume. When he stepped out of the building entrence and looked out. The city itself looked restless everything moveing and shifting. He stepped out from the canopey he looked to the sky seeing no moon or stars. Just then a crack of thunder and it began raining. He looked down and put his hands in his pockets. As he walked down the sidewalk the few people of Paragon staired and seemed concerned. The reason being is everyone loves a hero. To many that heard of him he is a hero. Even though to himself he feels normal, just knowing he isnt. They cahnged him, they turned him into what he was. Not because he wanted to he was forced. Machine fused with flesh, radiation cahnging his genetic structure. Tribal Steel knew there was no going back ever. He lifted his head and kept walking. He eventually walked to where he used to live... where he grew up, when he was a child, and when he was human. He looked close seeing a group of dark figures standing just outside the door.

He walked closer trying not to be obvious. Of course it was the 5th column to no surprise. He knew what he was going to do, but he didnt want to. Lighting and thunder flashed and boomed every where. As lighting lit up the area the 5th noticed Tribal Steel standing there. To them he looked out of place and foolish for coming, but if others would have seen him then he looked valliant and brave, bold and true.

They pulled out weapons this time not guns, not like usual for some odd reason they had swords and clubs. The five soldiers approached Tribal Steel getting very close. Tribal had a plan..

WHen they all were very near they sprinted at Tribal, just then he launched a powerful wide blast of energy laying them all on there backs 20 feet away. Tribal Steel ran at them shooting bolts at two men they were riddled with holes and stayed lifeless on the ground, the other three were on their feet and slashed and swiped at him, he dodged two swings but got grazed in the chest tearing his armor. He punched the 5th in the face sending him flying back then kicking another into the air then shooting him with a blast of energy. The 5th hit the ground bleeding unable to get up to his feet. The final Column soldier stood out of the fight waiting. HE had a large club, He took off his helmet and his flak jacket. He tore a broad sword from one of the dead soldiers hands and threw it to Tribal Steel. Tribal caught it knowing what the sick Column leader wanted. Tribal grasped the handle. As the 5th readied for battle, Tribal Steel knew how to handle a sword but that was many years ago. He got into a defencive stance "alright, come get some." Tribal Steel said. The 5th ran at him swinging at Tribals head, the blow was parried but the 5th attacked with severak other swings. Tribal managed to block all but the last, it hit his side. The man smirked "Is that all you've got?" Tribal awnsered "no, not yet." He attacked the man jabbing in to the mans belly, it was blocked as Tribal attacked again hoping to slash the mans chest he blocke dit as well but was puched back. Tribal Steel threw the sword at the man it hit him in the left shoulder knocking him to the ground. He squirmed in pain, "I should kill you, you know that? but I wont, I'm going to let you live." Tribal Steel planted his foot on the 5th Column mans chest and tore the sword out. "AAHHHGG!! why.. are you...?" the man asked. "Sorry not gonna tell you, just let all your 5th Column buddies know I wont stop fighting you ignorant morons, I'll never stop." Tribal Steel walked away dropping the bloody sword on the sidewalk as the blood dilutted from the rain. Tribal Steel felt a weight lifted from his body. He felt new and free. With a lighting flash Tribal Steel flew into the sky dissapearing into the dark...

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