Origin of Anibus Blade




((This is the origin for my main on virtue. Please let me know what you think as I have more planned and may edit .))


Anibus had started hanging out with the Skulls at the age of twelve. He would run to the store to five finger discount them some beer or food. At the age of fifteen he was the youngest member to date. At the age of Twenty he was the youngest bonedaddy in Paragon City.

Now you may be thinking that he grew up an orphan or his parents just didn't care.

On the contrary, Anibus came from a well of middle class family. They had instilled in him a passion to learn the mistic and occult. This passion lead to a morbid fasination with death. After learning that high ranking Skulls could control the powers of death there was no turning back for him.

When the Rikti Invaded Paragon City, Anibus' parent were among the first to be killed.

For all my powers over death, I couldn't even prevent them from passing.

He wanted out. Out of the gang, out of the city. To many painfull memories, to many regrets.

He heard rumblings about a big hit going down in a Kings Row Werehouse. Some rich guy had a shipment of Egyptian artifacts coming in.

This is the chance I've been waiting for. one more job and I'll have enough to dissapear.



Chapter Two: Betrayal

Damn I can't believe this crap. How could after all the supposed months casing this place did they not see that it was run by these freaking Thorn freaks.

The Spectral guardian was suspended above the Circle of Thorn coven that occupied the warehouse. Holding in his boney hand the battered form of Anibus.

" Should I kill him now master?"

"No, I think we can find another purpose for our uninvited guest. Place him on the table"

One hour earlier

"Are you sure this place is empty, I'm getting a bad vibe from this place."

"Damn it Anibus, didn’t I not tell you that we've had a guy case This place for the past month. I'm telling you this old geezer is so stupid he leaves this place unguarded till morning. All you got to is slip in from the skylight and grab the loot."

"Tell me again why it has to be me and not another of my boys who go in there."

" Because your the only one who can shroud yourself in shadow so the cameras don't get you."


They must have known I was planning to split after this. Those freaking bastards, I thought we where family. [censored] I grew up with half the guys on my crew and they betrayed me. So help me if I survive the night I swear I'll make them pay.