a day in life. exposition on eric kurasawa




Okay.. just wanted to develop eric a little more, and let more people get to know him. I'll open up more opportunities for interactions in later threads... hope you enjoy!

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Eric sat on his floor, and leaned back against his bed. Surrounding him were schoolbooks, a couple of books on magic, three pamphlets for genetic restructuring, some comic books, with different characters circled, a whetstone, and an expended wrapper from a snickers. On the walls, some evidence of Eric’s presence was beginning to show. A couple of anime posters graced the wall, fantasies with too large eyes, silent witnesses to Eric’s most personal, boring moments. The room was clean, and belied a strict discipline in the young man. Cleary not the room of an ordinary American teenager, the candy bar wrapper was conspicuous in its presence.

Shifting the tidy piles to new locations, Eric made space on the floor in front of him for his most recent problem. Opening a blue canvas backpack, he pulled a small camera that his father had given him out into the warm sylvanian light. He fished around for a linking cable that had come with the camera and hooked into the port on his PDA. Digital memories from the past three days arranged them selves into a chronological index.

He grinned as his eyes passed over a picture of Terra, fresh from a sewer mission, looking a little less cute than she normally did. He laughed out loud when he came across one of the snow kids in the process of “snowing” someone. Then a slight frown creased his face as he came to a picture that brought to bear the full weight of his pensive mood. Using the stylus, he selected to images, and two images of female faces arranged themselves on screen.

Eric the saved the images to the PDA, and then pocketed it. He looked about his floor, at the neat stacks of books, papers, and magazines and frowned. He needed to get a bookshelf and desk. Turning his back on the small subdivision of paper, he walked down the hall to the restroom. A careful study of his face once again amazed him at the skill with which the tattoo shop had inked his face.
Using stim-inks, they had created two triangles bellow his eyes. He could activate the ink simply by “thinking” it on, or off. When it was off, you couldn’t even tell it was there. Eric didn’t understand the science of it, but he liked it nonetheless.

A rumbling in his stomach alerted him to an empty stomach.

“Alright, alright.” Eric assured himself, and went the rest of the way down the hall, past the living room and into the kitchen. Upon opening the fridge, he found it well stocked, to say the least. There were a lot of white meats in the fridge. Eric was definitely carnivorous, as was terra, from what he could tell. However, certain capricious, and not so capricious whims of the spirits Terra communed with had put strange regulations on their apartment. For example, there were neither green clothes, nor beef to be found.

Eric pulled out a Tupper ware container of mac n cheese, and briefly considered its contents. Briefly considering pork chops, and left over chicken yakatori, which he’d eaten far too often lately, he settled for a can of tuna. He mixed the two in the bowl, and the tossed it into the microwave for some brief irradiation. He completed his meal with a glass of milk.

Still, through all this his mind kept wandering back to the two girls. Eric was unobtrusive. Not shy, but definitely raised by Japanese parents. He had never had the brashness that American girls seemed to notice most readily in American boys. Consequently, girls never noticed him. By and large, Eric had never been bothered by it. He was a very pragmatic youth, not given to flights of fancy. Too, emotionally cold parents didn’t provide him the framework for the emotions of a relationship.

So it was much to his surprise when, upon arriving in Paragon city, not one, but two girls noticed him. Both were cheerful to be sure, and both were quintessentially American. However, one girl Eric had gotten to know slowly, and had no idea what she wanted from him, or from their friendship. The second girl was much more upfront, and he knew exactly what she wanted from their, “friendship”.

“But she doesn’t even know me,” Eric complained to his mac and tuna.

Picking up his PDA, Eric recorded some of his thoughts…

“Well, on the one hand, she made me feel things no one has ever made me feel. Not even.. her. I’ve felt gratitude, and friendship towards terra, for sure. But this.. I mean.. I don’t even know how to describe it… It was like she reached inside me and opened a switch, or a circuit that I didn’t even know about. And now, I don’t know what I think anymore. It’s definitely changed the way I feel about her. But this… bold, aggressive girl… I don’t know how I feel about her either. And I definitely don’t know either of them well enough… to make any good decisions…” click*

Eric looked at the two girls, smiling on the screen of his PDA, and then shut down the image viewer application. Once again pocketing his computer, he retrieved his cognitive psychology book from his room, and settled in for the nights dinner and homework, trying to put the clamoring thoughts about the two girls to the back of his mind.