The Origin of Kai!




Wanted to put this in my description, but it wasn't long enough, as i'm making this up as i go along, it'll probably change slightly from the condensed version i wrote in my character profile, think i rambled a little also hehe..........

btw, this character has nothing to do with Kagome, for those you know who she is(Inu Yasha main character)

Kaigame (Kai - gaa - mee)

Kaigame grew up in an alternate universe, on a planet which occupies the same temporal location as earth......called Kourul. the 3rd planet from it's three sun's, this unusual cluster of Stars has created an ambient magical field which enriches everything, from advanced life forms such as the inhabitants of Kourul to their plant life which by means of the magics(the magical field which will from now on be called magics) heals all wounds and if mixed properly, can produce power, which is how the major cities are supplied their electricity.

Kai was slightly unusual as she had a hightened sense of the magics and as such she could call upon them at will, something that only the elite magic users could manage. During her many years of training Kaigame learned the ways of earth manipulation, through her studies she had learned how to manipulate the earth itself and use it to her advantage, she had also experimented with teleportation, with mixed results, something that will come up later. often shunned by her peers for her magical prowess she had a lonely upbringing, only her acceptance into the Siu, Kourul’s equivalent to the military did Kai find peace within herself, being amongst similarly skilled people, and with her exceptional akill she soon climbed the ranks to reach the few Elite

The Siu were not militaristic in the manner of taking over countries and waging war, as widespread war as such did not exist, but for every kind hearted person endowed with the power of the magics, there would be an equally powerful dark hearted person let loose on the world, and this is why the Siu was formed, to keep the high level magic users in check, and to ensure the peace of tranquillity of the world of Kourul. A constant thorn in Kai’s career was a certain evil-doer name J’al, the two had pretty much been enemies from day one, and as such they kept on crossing paths on their individual journeys to peace and domination respectively, an arch rival so to speak.

Kai was assigned a mission, whether she was happy with it or not is another question, to apprehend her nemesis J’al, infiltrate her stronghold Itto keep without taking on too many minions, they would be dealt with accordingly, this was an ‘A’ ranked mission, the highest ranked mission within the Siu, normally Kai would be teamed with a small numbers of lower ranked Siu officers, but as none were available at the time, it had to be done solo, also due to time constraints as informants had noticed unusual movements within Itto keep possibly leading to a relocation. Armed with only her wits, and some temporary stealth powers provided by the Siu, Kai was Teleported into Itto Keep.

Itto Keep, a dark and dismal place, pipes running across the celing and mouldy walls set the scene for Kai’s mission. The Keep used to be an Electric power station until the advent of organic power came into being, as such; this hazardous building was vacated and left to rot, until J’al came along to use it for her evil needs. Kai managed to navigate the maze of corridors, using old utility maps to locate J’al’s position from the informants notes, she quickly came to J’al’s main chamber, trapped a couple of guards outside using her earth magics, and proceeded to apprehend J’al.

The two fought for ages, each able to negate the others powers, able to avoid attacks due to their magical prowess, it was a stalemate, something had to happen, someone had to fold, J’al was too much of a menace to be let free, she had to be brought to justice and Kai’s options were running out…quickly, but J’al would have the luck of the day. As Kai continued to attack, hoping that the Siu would send some backup, she attempted to use her disorientation abilities and massive stalagmites rose from the ground, J’al managed to dodge the attack as one of the pillars smashed through a control panel, an electrical surge emenated from the panel, and travelled back through the stalagmites magical energies to Kai, she had been caught with her own power!

As Kaigame writhed in pain from the electricity, she attempted to use her teleportation techniques, still an amateur in the ways of teleportation as she had only ever managed to move other objects and not herself, Kai disappeared from the room, J’al was bemused, and relieved, her arch nemesis had gone, where she did not know, her guard was down as a group of Siu operatives burst in to apprehend her, and succeeded……….

But still no sign of Kaigame, where had she gone?

Kai woke up in a hospital bed, barely able to see as she was exhausted from using her teleportation powers, all she could see were other beds with the words Galaxy City Medical services……

Where’s Galaxy City?
Where am I?
Whats happened to me?

Standing next to her bed were some strange people, the likes she had never seen before, with the initials P.C written on their clothing, who are these P.C people and how did she get here, all questions that need answers, and no one providing the answers.

Unaware that her own powers coupled with Portal Corps operations had brought her to Paragon City, and unaware of the dangers that followed, she set out to find the answers to her burning questions…..

To be continued……

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