Enter the Packrat




Hey Chief, here's that file you wanted. It's a follow up on that giant mouse story last week. You'll never beleive this. Cheryl

Cheryl, I got that information you wanted about the series of so-called giant mouse sightings that started up last week. Turns out, it's not a giant mouse at all. It some new paranormal that looks like a rodent.
People I talked to, including a few of the pedestrians she saved from the Skulls, says she's called Packrat. And get this..she talks to them. One of the witnesses says Packrat jumped in when a couple of Skulls were shaking her down at the 'Rat actually stood there and chatted with her while they waited for the cops. I haven't seen her yet myself, but I tracked down some good leads and managed to get a fingerprint off of one of the guns taken from a Death's head she put down. Good old Bob at the precinct, right. I had the print analyzed.

Get this. It matches Maggie Jordan.
If you're still in your seat, I'll say it again. Packrat is Maggie Jordan, the senator's daughter that was kidnapped from her home by the Vahzilok ten years ago. I'm sure you remember the story: Senator Thomas Jordan of King's Row going out to a dinner function with his wife when the V show up on his doorstep. They shoot the senator and drag Mrs. Jordan and the kid away. Neither of them are ever found.

Well, Maggie's been found. Notice the picture I included: pretty little ten year old, long blone hair blue eyes? Not any more. My witnesses say she's about four feet tall, covered in grey fur, and has some kind of knives or claws that come out of the tops of her hands. Teleporter they say. Blips in, blips out. My guess is the V did some number on her with Dyne or such to make her what she is now. I'm going to try to track her down and get an interview. I'll keep you posted.