I hate the rain.
It falls so frequently now, especially over King's Row. Must be all the pollutants the factories keep putting out. It rained when my Dad died, too. That I remember.

Not much else. But I do remember that. I was ten. Dad and mom were going out for the evening, leaving me with some weird babysitter. Dad just had to be a politician. Always his appearances. I can really only remember hearing mom screaming, and the sound of thunder. Dad fell. Mom...I don't remember what happened to mom. They took her, I think. The man in their aprons and hatches.
Vazhilok. I know their names now.
Oh mom...what did they do to you?

The Packrat stopped her musings as a familiar scent drifted to her on the wind. Mino was nearby. She smiled, jeaping from the roogtop and enjoying the thrill of freefall. Her Minotaur King was waiting.
And oh yes, the Vazh will be paying soon.