Inside The Superheroes HQ...




I was sitting at my desk and wondering, "what political affiliation does Captain America connect himself to", "what does Captain America like for music" and "does he go commando under his chainmail,or does it chaff" and low an behold, I talked to my dear friend James Lipton, host of the show "Inside the Actors Studio" and found he is going to be hosting a new show called "Inside the Superpersons HQ" where he asks a variety of questions of those in the superhero community. He gave me a list of answers,answering all my questions and more...

James: "Tonight we have with us the American legend and hero who...not only has saved this country, but this earth at least two or three times...his name is Captain America."

(applause from the crowd as the camera pans to Captain America, dressed in his chainmail, shield across the lap; he smiles and nods at the crowd)

Cap: (Chuckles) Actually it's been a few more than three James, but who's counting?(the crowd chuckles)

James: Indeed(he smirks). Captain, if I may we have a few questions for you that people have written in and we would like you to answer them if you wouldn't mind.

Cap: No problem; shoot away...

James: The first question comes from Donald in Atlantic City, New Jersey. He writes,"Long time watcher, big time fan here! Captain, What's your favorite movie?"(the crowd chuckles and James smiles at them) Careful how you answer this Captain, my students are watching...

Cap: (Looks thoughtfully in the air for a moment)Hmmm...good question Donald...let's see...I think my favorite movie is either "Saving Private Ryan" or "Patton". It's fair to say both have a special place in my heart as I am not only a vet of the war, but I also saw the men fall and die there for freedom. I like Patton because I met him back then; tough as nails that guy. He'd run right into battle with you. I liked him alot.

James: Good movie as well... OK, next question; this one comes from Lena of Tunerville, Arkansas. She writes, "What are you political leanings?"

Cap: (Looks uncomfortable)Ooo, jeez! That's something I generally don't like to get, ya know this comes up often(giggles from the crowd) on the job. I had a guy I saved from an enraged Ultron copy the other day ask me that; dropped him right down, just out of the range of a heated plasma blast and uphe comes with it, "How do you vote Cap!?" I'll give you the same answer I gave him; undeclared.

James: Hmmm, I always pictured you as a republican myself-

Cap: No, not at all; I and my uniform represent all of America and i fall on both sides of fence depending on the topic. Undeclared is my answer.

James: Fair enough. Our last question now, before the 10 questions comes from all the way from germany and is written by Skully Rosetta. he asks, " Do you wear anything under the chainmail to prevent chaffing?"
(laughs from the crowd)

Capsmiles and laughs) actually, I wear a thin bodysuit under it and yes, going commando would chaff, as i can indeed assure you.
(more laughter from the crowd)

James: Sorry for so few a questions, but we are bound by time Captain-

Cap: No problem James; I've been on a few time schedules myself.

James: OK, on with the ten questions...
What is your favorite word?

Cap: freedom

James: What is your least favorite word?

Cap: Oppression.

James: What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

Cap: (Cap thinks for a bit and looks confused) Believe it or not james, I'd say the stress of my job.

James: Does it...?

Cap: I leap out of planes without a shute, I tackle entities that conquer galaxies and I face death on a regular basis. I seem to thrive and excel at surviving in these things and leading other people into them. I say stress...

James: fair enough Captain; your the first... Next question; What turns you off?

Cap: Corruption.

James: What is your favorite curse word?

Cap: I don't swear...(he strains thinking)I think I said "poop" once...(the crowd chuckles)

James: What sound or noise do you love?

Cap: The sound you hear when you enter a park in asmall town; children laughing, people talking, the buzz of the bees. It sounds like community...

James: What sound or noise do you hate?

Cap: The sound of the bombs going off. I hated that; I can't dodge a big bomb. They make huge ones now...

James: What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

Cap: (he thinks)hmmm... i can't really say...yeah, i can't really say.

James: Understood. What profession would you not like to attempt?

Cap: Something at a desk. Anything at a desk.

James: If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

Cap: You did the right things Cap.