The Origin of WrathStar (Story)




((The following is the story of WrathStar's origin. He can be found on both Virtue and Gaurdian servers.))

While working at Paragon Power Nuclear Research Facility, Dylan Bradol was given the assignment of testing an experimental type of nuclear rod that could potentially revolutionize energy as the world knows it, in that the fusion they could create in theory would be similar to that of a harnessed solar flare.

The first few experiments that Dylan conducted were promising, with the radiation elements off the scale. No known radiation of such kind was known to man. His collegue, Dr. Simon Jones, dubbed the power contained in the rod "Radiation X", and placed it somewhere on the Atomic Chart as 75 Gigs past Plutonium.

When the day came for the Stress Overload Testing, Dylan and Dr. Jones were both amazed at the drain rate the rod could handle. However, the technology at hand had no way of telling them that while the output was phenominal, the stability of the rod was deteriorating at 3 times the normal rate...

An explosion occured, killing Dr. Jones and knocking Dylan into a coma. He lay for three months, his mind wheeling through his past, the future, time and space. He dreamt of a far star that had exploded millenia ago, flinging chunks of molten gas into space that cooled and were scattered across the universe...

When he awoke, he was approached by representatives of a company known only as "Dark Star Research Technologies." They threatened him to never speak of the experiment, and promised to make him a very rich man if he kept his mouth shut. He was confused and alone. Upon his recovery, he went back to Paragon Power in the dark of night and hacked into Dr. Jone's computer logs.

There he found a shocking discovery. While most of the files were deleted or blacked out, the personal journal of Dr. Jones was not. He read there of how the nuclear rod was brought to Paragon Power for testing as a part of a secret Military project, Code-Named Dark Star. Dark Star was an effort to harness the potential energies of a meteor that had fallen during the 1970's in the Yukon. The rod itself was a part of that meteor, and nothing was known of it's qualities... however, if it could be used as a weapon, or the power source for weapons, it would be a boon to the career of a certain General Chandler, head of Dark Star Research.

The same General Chandler who was in the headlines. He had been recently outted as a conspirator with the legendary 5th Column, the age old Nazi terrorist organization who were now causing havoc in the streets of Paragon City.

Dylan sat silent as the words glowed on the screen, his anger growing in him. He had been played as a pawn by the 5th Column. They had cost him three months of his life. He knew he had to have "compensation", as the men in black uniforms had told him. But nothing monetary...

It was while trying to hack into the 5th Column computer system several days later that Dylan shorted out his computer. Something in his hands ran through the keyboard, and blew the link.

That night, as he slept, he dreamt of space again. He was soaring past stars and planets, and then felt himself as light. He felt a burning in his chest, a burning so intense he awakened...

... only to find himself hovering against the ceiling of his bedroom.

Terrified, he went to Paragon Power in the dead of night and conducted the experiments that he had performed on the now-destroyed nuclear rod on a sample of his own blood. Sure enough, "Radiation X" had permeated every cell of his body, leaving him with the same unusual powers that the rod had contained. But one thing was different. When fused to human DNA, Radiation X became stable, and actually endowed him with strange powers.

He knew what to do. He returned home, and finding the leather pants and jacket that he had worn when he played guitar in a college metal band several years before, he set his sights on paying back the 5th Column. He emblazoned the jacket in stars, and took a name for himself.

That night, he left his apartment with one thought in mind...

Vengance on the 5th Column, and Chandler.

WrathStar was born.

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