Love and the Superhero




Sanjay sat at the outside cafe table and was extremely proud that he didn't even look at his watch, again. He could feel the eyes of the Matre' D on his back but he didn't care. This was the nicest bistro in Skyway and he had made his reservations weeks ago. The waiter hovered nearby, nervously trying to be solictious without being intruding. Sanjay had been waiting for nearly 30 minutes. He sipped his Iced Tea and enjoyed the view of the setting sun on the Skyway skyline.

"Sir," he heard the frosty voice of the Matre' D at his shoulder. "If your 'date' still has not arrived may I suggest you take one of our other tables inside?" Sanjay could tell that this pompous twit didn't even imagine that he could have a date. Just then he spotted something on the horizon. He smiled.

"Oh she'll be here in just a minute now."

"Sir, I really do think you'd be better off inside. To be honest we could use this table for another party..."

"Well, I made the reservation for an outside table and that's what my girl likes. If there's a problem maybe you'll have to take it up with her."

"Sir," The slick haired snooty host scanned around the general area. "I don't see anyone. Now if you won't abide by my suggestion, perhaps you'd do well to go elsewhere?"

"Is there a problem," came Tag's voice from overhead. Sanjay felt a sense of satisfaction when old tight-butt jumped as Tag landed right in front of him.

"Hi Honey," Sanjay got up and greeted his lady with a kiss.

"Sorry I'm late. Some of the Lost got....lost and I had to tell them where to go."

"No problem. Right?" Sanjay turned to the ashen-faced host who obviously had never been this close to a hero before. The waiter stepped in quickly.

"No problem at all Sir and Miss," He set another glass of water down. "Can I bring you a"

"Tag," she responded with a wink.

At the other tables the patrons craned their necks. It wasn't often that a hero would dine just like a regular person. A few took a picture or two.

"Right, Tag," the waiter smiled and blushed as she winked at him.

"I'll take a coke," Tag patted the Matre' D's butt and sat down. "You can go now Sparky."

The waiter helped the host walk away. Sanjay took Tag's hand and wondered again at his good fortune.

"Tough day," he asked.

"Not anymore. I hope the food is good here, I'm starving."