~A Message From The Sly Fox~




You're favorite program ends. However, just before you are about to turn off the TV, a dashing Hero in a Red Suit and "Zorro-esque" hat appears on your screen, flashing a smile of dazzling white. He speaks

"Hi, you probably know me, I'm The Sly Fox."

He pauses... he winks... he smiles some more. Finally, the cameraman obviously coughs, and he speaks again.

"Yes, right. You probably are wondering why you see ME, The Honorable Sly Fox-"

<cameraman's voice off camera> "I thought he was the Daring Baffling?"

"-THE HONORABLE Sly Fox, here in some commercial venue. Well let me tell you, it's for a good cause."

The camera zooms out and Sly is seen in a traditional "magician's workshop," complete with dribbly candle on a skull. Sly walks to the side and rests his leg up on a bench, and leans on his arm.

"Now, you all know I'm a member of First Strike Security. If you need Security, we offer it at the corporate level, but with private sector prices!"

<cameraman's voice off camera whispers> "...shameless plug..."

"Ahem... well, I may have a solid group that is always looking for professionals to join our side. However, I'm also a magic user, and THAT is the aspect of myself that brings me here today."

Sly waves his fingers and a blinding flash lights up the screen!

"See? Magic is the-"

However the flash obviously blinded the camera man, as the camera swings down... there's a moment of confusion, and then it swings back up to show Sly Fox with a hand over his face. The NEW cameraman clears his throat, Sly starts, and chuckles... somewhat forced

"Ah ha... yes. Magic is the source of this endorsement. Let me get right to the point. I know there are a lot of Mages out there that feel they need a group that focuses on the arcane aspects of their powers. I mean, it's all well and good to be a magician in this city, but to be surrounded by like minded individual's interested in the same studies as yourself might be just what you're looking for.

If so, I recommend the Midnight Avengers! In honor of the Midnight Squad (who gave up most of their numbers in ending the Rikti invasion) The Lightningale has formed this group to unite fellow Magic Users under a common banner.

No more will the Circle of Thorns roam unchecked with their most effective enemies scattered to the fours winds. The Midnight Avengers are finally bringing back a strong unified front against these dark magics!

So, if you are a magic user, and can't find that perfect group for you, where you want to fit in... you know, and not be thought weird if you have a jar of newt eyes on you desk-"

<new cameraman's voice off camera whispers> "...sweet liberty..."

"-AHEM! Then contact the lovely Lightningale, and apply for membership. Besides, First Strike Security will be consulting them for aide, which means you might just be lucky enough to see ME!"

Sly winks as a number flashes on the screen

Call 1-800-NEW-MAGE today! Mystics are standing by for astral plain communication as well! Act now, positions are limited!

Sly gives the thumbs up, and a disclaimer quickly flashes on the screen.

The Sly Fox is not a member of The Midnight Avengers, so don't worry, it's safe for women to join.

The screen fades to black.

((For more info check out this link: The Midnight Avengers ))



Galactic Jack flips off his 280 inch ultra slim high defenition lcd with the flick of his wrist. The annoyed frown quickly disappears as he glances out the window of his corner penthouse in Galaxy City and watches a PTA bus go by, the advertisement on the side printed with his likeness.

"City of Gyros, your premier gyro destination!"



A new TV add:

Other FSS Operatives in the Works



I look almost as good in plastic as I do out-of-the-box...


~Roger "Contact" Chase, CEO First Strike Security



((ofcourse I failed to notic that the coh board didn't accept gifs....



Sonney Was waxing his board and watching Bill & Ted when suddenly the "famous" Sly Fox came upon the tv screen. Sonney would have been mad if it was some regular guy interupting his favorite movie in the world but it was Sly Fox the second coolest to Bill & Ted themselves. Sonney set and watch in awe, thinking if and only if Sly Fox could promote his new supergroup the Wild Stallions.



*watches the ad and frowns a bit*
Magic Users...

Wish I knew what on earth I was, I mean I could be a magic user. Maybe I should go to them and well, and see if they can help.
*jots down the information*



Sly shut the television off in his apartment, then glanced over at the 100+ messages blinking on his answering machine. He sighed...

"Don't people understand that NO press is bad press?"

He chuckled, and reminded himself to call up that free camera crew that came with the set and ask them to get out of the business...