Thunder Bird and Tribal Force




The Continuing story of Thunder Bird and Tribal Force

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Eric RedCloud dropped the arcwielder as the titanium alloy bonded; he kicked the visor up on his helmet and smiled. The moment of creation and completion was the most pleasing thing for him and he cherished it as his hand slid along the metallic chest plate of the armor. " done 'cloud," asked his chubby friend behind him. Eric turned and smiled at Don Little-Turtle, "Yeah man, get the Assembler we rigged up and running in the gym. I wanna take her for a spin." Don turned his cap round and popped a piece of gum in his mouth, "Already done boss." Eric touched the chest plate and it slid open with a hiss, revealing the softly lit interior and complicated sensors inside. As he stripped down to his thin body suit, he stepped into the armor and triggered it to close. As it sealed, all that was left revealed was his face below his nose and his long hair pulled back in a ponytail. "Watch the gauges on the assembler Don, last time the thing almost killed me," Eric said as he stepped in front of the mirror. Don hopped off the spinning chair and hiked up his pants as he turned, "Your not going to let me forget that are you?" Eric stood still in the mirror and brushed the small scuff out of his shoulder plate, "Not a chance bro; lets do this."

Eric made his way down the hall as Don cut off into the control room of Tribal Security LLC. test labs. Eric and Don had created this company from the ground up hiring other indigenous people as well; they believed in helping their own. Eric stepped into the "Gym" through the sliding titanium door. The "Gym" was a relative secret in the company; here they tested out new armor and meta individuals power levels. The armor worn by Eric was his baby; the Thunder Bird armor. It had been a product of reverse technology studies he had performed while working for Crey industries. He had discovered Resinium, a energy and that was 10 times more powerful than electricity and sound; the two sources used to create it. The plasma formed almost burned through the building if not for Eric's quick thinking, who quickly tossed the plate of Resinium 14 under it and contained it; it turned out that resinium 14 was the only substance that could contain resinium plasma. Eric formed a suit to work with the material and compiled his information and revealed it to his superiors; who quickly shut him out.
Later Eric found that his research was to be used for government weapons; angry and sickened, Eric stole into the compound and destroyed all of his research, stealing the suit and last sample of of resinium. He fled from Paragon City back to the reservation and worked in secret there, away from the prying eyes of Crey. After a year, Eric revealed to his trusted friend and fellow scientist Don Little-Turtle the new suit, which was powered by resinium and he called the "Thunder Bird" armor. With his friends, family and people behind him, he started Tribal Security LLC.; an organization of security specialists and high tech security devices for the home or business. To this date, they are the only company that keeps on staff a number of powered agents, which makes them a major attraction for the large companies in the market today.
"You ready 'cloud," asked Don over an intercom. "Yeah, crank her up," he viewed the assembler across from him; it stood silent and massive at 7 feet tall, a bizarre compilation of twisted metal and electronics. They had utilized an EMP to shut it down when they caught it on the street two month's ago and used the same action to shut it off when the Thunder Bird armor locked up a week ago. Eric was tired of playing with the armor and had just finished the adjustments, hoping for good results this time, "Ready when you are Don." The assembler cranked to life suddenly as Don turned it on; it turned to the left and right taking its surroundings in and then locked it's attention onto Eric...and charged. As it ran, it shook the whole room with a metallic clang, it's clawed hand snapping at the air in anticipation of crushing Eric to a pulp. Don sat up in the control room with his finger on the EMP button, "Come on man, come this time..."
Eric waited and triggered his hand attack; his armored fist began to coat itself in a resinium field as the monolith bore down on him. As it arrived and raised it's metallic fist to strike, Eric struck first with devastating affect; his fist slammed hard into the assemblers torso, tearing out chunks of steel and electronics. "CRAP," yelled Don over the intercom, "He was suppose to be tossed back!" As the assembler hit Eric to the ground, he grimaced and yelled an "I know!" "You want me to putt it to sleep," yelled Don again as the assembler slammed repeatedly at Eric, the strikes bouncing off his armored hide. "Nope...I got this under control...," Eric said from the floor; he pulled his feet back and lashed out, driving both heels into the assembler, tossing it back. Eric jumped to his feet and triggered his hand strike again as the assembler got to its feet, this time he connected with the expected results; the assembler sailed back, driving hard into the unbreakable alloy wall. As it got to its feet again, Eric triggered the flight mechanism and lifted into the air, soaring towards the assembler.
"Cripes...its working man...its working," was all Don could manage as Eric drifted above the assembler and triggered a high intensity blast of resinium, tossing the assembler back again, shattering it's left arm. As it dragged itself to it's feet, Eric lashed out with a concentrated beam of resinium, tearing a two foot whole through the clockworks hide, dropping it to the ground. Eric drifted back and took up aim with his money shot; the long range, laser beam he had developed. As it powered up, the assembler dragged itself to it's feet and charged full tilt at him. Don watched as the clockwork closed in; thirty feet, twenty feet, ten feet, "DO IT MAN! If it connects at that speed your dead!" As it came within five feet, Eric let lose with the beam, shattering the assembler into parts, which covered Eric and his armor in flak. Don took notice of the guages and noted their settings and watched for the tell tale appearence of the gears; tiny defense and repair bots built into all of the larger clockwork models. As they appeared, Eric let loose with an area attack, dropping the gears as they appeared.
Don stepped into the Gym as Eric brushed off his suit, "MAN! That was fantastic; simply beauty in motion. How did it feel Eric?" Eric smiled at Don and slapped him on the back with a grin, "Awesome man; by the way," Eric said as they made for the Gym door. "What's up bro," said Don, brushing off the pieces of clockwork hanging from the suit. Eric hit the chest plate release, revealing Eric inside, "When I wear the armor man, can you call me Thunder Bird?" Don laughed as the Gym door closed, "You got it...Thunder Bird."