Origin of The Avenging Reaper




Jim Johnson was an honest cop who worked the streets of Paragon City. Outshined by heroes, he nevertheless served with dedication and pride. On a rainy day in the outskirts of Atlas Park, Johnson tracked a pair of car-stealing Hellions to an abandoned warehouse. Thinking he could handle the two thugs without the help of Hero backup, Johnson cautiously followed them inside, his gun in one hand and his nightstick in the other.

Moving silently between dusty crates and rusty machinery, Johnson snuck up behind the criminals and yelled, "Freeze, this is a bust!" Although Johnson appeared to catch the Hellions by surprise, he quickly fell to his knees as something hard hit him in the back of the head. Laughter echoed in the old warehouse. A flash of lightning. Darkness.

As the world came slowly back into focus, Johnson found that he was tied to a wooden chair in the center of an old office in the warehouse. "Look the little pig is awake" said one of the Hellions; he was brandishing a sledgehammer that Johnson suspected was the reason he had lost an hour of his life. "Good, the boss said we need to send a message to all the other coppers in this town," another Hellion said. This Hellion was obviously the leader, he wore a horned mask that was not nearly as menacing as the shotgun he put to Johnson’s chest. Johnson imagined he was smiling, but he couldn’t tell through the mask. He said, “Stay out of Hellion business” and pulled the trigger.

There was a bang, there was laughter… there was darkness; that’s not what Johnson was thinking about. As all traces of life left his body, he thought of his wife. His love for his wife. How all he ever wanted was to make this city a safer place for her.

As Johnson made his journey to the afterlife, the Powers That Be sensed his intense longing to make Paragon City safe and bring evil doers to justice. They grasped his soul from the abyss and gave him new life. They remade his body, so that there would be no wound he could not heal. They cursed the light around him, so that he could become one with the shadows. Finally, they made his face pale and sunken like a skull, so Death could not find him. With the wave of a hand, Johnson was no more. His thoughts erased, his only memory was that burning desire to fight evil in all its forms.

In their final act, the Powers That Be took the love Johnson had for his wife, and forged with it an unbreakable blade. The sword was a katana and like the samurai of old, Johnson now had fealty to but one lord: justice.

Johnson was sent back to that fateful warehouse as an avenging angel that would bring sinners to justice. Adorning a suit he found in a crate, and wearing an old black hat, he used his new gifts as a hero of the innocent. With a face from Hell and a conviction from Heaven, Johnson was dubbed The Avenging Reaper by the grateful people of Paragon City.