A forum based RP starting up




First, let me clarify. I'm not trying to troll or spam, so if advertising an RP on my own forum is bad, I don't mind this thread being deleted : )

So. Role Playing.

I do some RPing in game, depending on the toon. A friend and I have a set of toons we created specifically for RPing. Our main toons, however, are just our regular selves. So sometimes I get to RP, and sometimes not.

It's not enough. I've been craving RP for some reason. Probably because my weekly D&D game is on hiatus until my brothers get matching schedules, so we can all play. So no RP for Kelly. I'm jonsing.

And this forum doesn't really click as an RP very well, for some reason. There's no cohesion, little interaction. Why a forum at all? Well, I spend 40 hours a week at work. I can't play CoH at work. But I can post on forums.

So I've dedicated a whole block of my own forum (which is rarely otherwise used) for a Heroes RP. It's not specifically CoH, however so far that's what it's based on, for simplicity's sake.

There's no dice rolling, no stats, right now it's just a freeform RP. More explanation can be found on the forum itself. Interested? Cool.


Thanks for reading! : )



I'll drop by, I could use another board to camp while at work

Consequently, is this board specific to a server or are most of the participants from a certain server?

Thank you,



Actually, only one other person who actually plays CoH at all has agreed to join. Most of the people who expressed interest are just friends. ^_^

Once you sign up I will give you access to post in the Heroes forums.



I've registered, same board name as here