1-555-My-Jog-By (Infinity)




Tabby: Good afternoon, Paragon heroes. I’m Tabby Tattletale with the Non-National Heroenquirer with a wonderful interview with a new Paragon business entrepreneur, Crematorium. Tell our readers a little about what you do, Crematorium.

Crematorium: Oh, please. Call me Cream.

Tabby: Cream, it is. So Cream, our sources say you have started a rather unique business. Is this true?

Crematorium: Well, yes, I suppose it is. I perform jog-by healings as a routine part of my day.

Tabby: Jog-by healings? What is a jog-by healing and why have you taken up this gauntlet?

Crematorium: It’s really rather simple. I jog around and if I see a fellow hero in need of healing, I heal them. Just like it sounds, jog-by healing.

Tabby: I’ve heard some heroes claim you must be just a little off your rocker. Going around and spending valuable training time healing others who might be able to heal themselves anyway. Any comments, Cream?

Crematorium: I don’t see it that way. It’s providing a public service to better aid the community. I’ve done a decent amount of training and I still hit the streets in an attempt to further my knowledge and experience. I can’t be caught unaware down the road and I know this. Still, every time you turn around, you see the same group of ruffians you spoke to the day before, sometimes just hours before. They’re still trying to carjack another vehicle, or mug another Paragon citizen. The only way we will be able to actually make a difference is by training the new heroes who take up the mantle. Sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re just starting out, even veterans can find themselves in a tight bind. I like to think of it as helping ensure the rise in the do-gooder population, as it were. Even if I’m out there training, if I see a fellow hero in need, I will attempt to help them. It’s a free healing, saves their health food for a time when they really need that little kick. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside at the same time.

Tabby: Well, quite an undertaking, I must admit, Cream. Speaking of undertaking, you’re in a Super Group? Grim Reapers? What’s that all about?

Crematorium: Yes, Grim Reapers. It’s a group of me right now. My vision is to have a fellowship of heroes who are willing to take a little time each day to help perform these jog-by healings. Everyone is out to clean up the streets and help eradicate the unsavory lots from Paragon. I want to focus my attention on helping to see they are able to go out on the streets each day and more importantly, go back to their homes when they are finished.

Tabby: Do you charge for your healings?

Crematorium: Absolutely not, Tabby. Anyone who needs help should be able to call 1-555-My-Jog-By or flag me down. All healings are given freely. I always try to carry a few extra Awakens just in case. There is no need to trade in return and it's understandable if the hero doesn't have the time to say thank you. I don't do it for the thanks. Hopefully soon, I will find additional Reapers who are willing to not just take souls, but save souls.

Tabby: Well, thank you very much, Cream for your time today. Good luck on your enterprise!

Crematorium: Thank you, Tabby. It’s my pleasure.

- Crematorium