RP Using In-Game Email





I was wondering if anyone had an experiences or ideas to share on this topic. The email's there... Supergroups are there... has anyone been taking advantage of this for roleplaying?))



Yes, but not outside of 2-3 people included in the stories. I often send out official FSS memos via email to people in the company contact needs to speak with, who dont happen to be around at the moment.

Overall though, I LOATH this games (lack of) communication system. Its way to hard to speak to people outside of teams or supergroups and far to difficult to find them if they arent on your friends list.



And since the friggin friends list is SO short, you often have to delete members of your SG on it, because at least THAT way you can see if OTHERS are online too... and yet it's still hard if they are not on your friends list...

But yes, the Boss is right, I have used the in-game e-mail MANY times, to discuss topics with other RPers I see on this sight (as long as they provide their names) or start a new story... plus I receive them from many people as well...

It's a good tool, so use it... it's not a GREAT tool however, and I hate how it's nigh impossible to go back and edit text because everything gets jumbled around and indent doesn't work and... <sigh>

Well, you can still make the best of it and use it to your advantage.



Deth does not receive any emails. From the Boos or Sly



The in-game email is very tedious to type, and the lack of any new mail indicator is a bother. Usually I end up using outside message boards, PMs, email, IM programs, etc. It's just so much faster and easier.

That doesn't mean you can't use it to your advantage, though, as some of these folks apparently do. Just be prepared to write short emails and clean them out frequently, and to do all of your information archiving by hand.