Who is Gears Malone?




The man that became known as Gears Malone was born James Malone to an average middle class family. From his youth it obvious that he was a gifted athelete and exceled in every sport he took up. As he grew older he decided football was for him and devoed his total attention to it. Graduating high school he went on to play for the local state college where he was a very versatile player but never reached "star" status, but still would occaisionaly make a great play. Drafted in the middle rounds to his home town professional team all of his dreams seemed to be comming true. After 2 years of being a bench player he finaly became a starter and made a name for himself as a solid player who could make the play when he had to. He slowly began to gain fame as the years passed and then the Rikiti Invasion occured. Feeling an insatiable desire to aid the strogling people in Paragon City, James left all he knew behind, got in his car and left to assist in anyway he could. As soon as he aarrived in the city the devastation overwhelmed him. Finding the nearest Fire Station he quickly offered whatever assistance he could. Weeks passed as he helped aid in the rescue of trapped civilians, recovering bodies from wreckage, and whatever tasks he could do to help. Then one day while helping remove some debris an ordor caught his attention. Beneth the wreckage that the crew was moving was a broken gas pipe. As he rushed out to the crew of that area an explosion went off. The next several weeks he spent in a haze of pain and confusion hearing only hushed whispers and feeling the occasional burst of pain. Slowly he began to come out of the confusion and began to feel some odd sensations coming from his upper body. His arms felt heavy and his lower face tight and stiff. Suddenly a door swung open and a man stood above him, "Slowly, don't move too fast" He said. "What happened to me." James said. The man replied "I found you several months ago in the wrexckage, It seems to that an explosion took both your arms and burnt your face." A stammer of No's came from james, "What have you done to me?" "I saved you", replied the man. " I replaced both of your arms and parts of your upper body with cybernetic parts of my own design with the aid of Rikiti technology I had scavenged. It was more difficult then I thought it would be, but as I told those so-called experts it could be done." "Why me, Why me?" cried James. "NOOO", jame cried. Slamming his hands down on the bed destroying it. The man turn and began to walk out, "I will return later when you have had more time to adjust to your new situation." The door slammed shut. Over the next few hours hours James experimented using his new appenedegaes. Flexing his muscles, testing the dexterity of his fingers, and so on until the man returned. "I am Dr. Michael Armstrong, I have only done what I thought you may want. I gave you your life and the ability to aid those you came here to Mr.Malone, and yes I do know who you are. I am goign to leave now, the door will be left open you have two choices stay with me and learn to use your new body or leave and find your way on your own. I will be down the hall in the study if you wish to stay." With that said he left. James sat in his room and pondered what had happened and his new situation. Standing he felt lightheaded his body weak from non-use. Stumbling down the hall he walked into the study, "Train me" he said. Over the next few months he trained hard as he has done with sports he all life. He quickly adapted to his new arms and felt the power that was truly at his fingertips. "It is time", the Doctor said." Your training is as complete as it can with me. It is time for you to go and do what you can for this city. Good luck James and let me know if I can help you in any way." "Doctor I want to thank you for your assistance, but James Malone died that day, and Gears Malone was born." Gears left the room and headed to the exit, knowing that the true adventure in his life was about to begin.