The Story of Siblings, Ivory, Galactic Jack, Sei




((ooc this is not an origon story, but close to it. This is more or less the overview of a much larger story. I hope youenjoy it, it is a bit long... and I admit written for my on pleasure :P

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Galactic Jack


Thousands of years ago, in a different time, a place forgotton by mortal minds.

Silken platinum hair, firm breasts, round hips, pouting lips, deep and smokey white eyes and athletic legs that seem to never end. The most perfectly crafted beauty in the universe was gifted to Adrasteias Aglaias, daughter to the union of Cerbetous and Chandria. Her beauty was unmatched by gods and deities, brought tears to angels and cowed the worlds of mortals. But for all her feminine beauty they were the wings of Adrasteias crafted by the skilled hands of sixty seven skilled angels employed in the highest artisan courts of the heavens that brought her higher then the gods.

Crafted of pure silver, each feather lighter then the real thing and meticulously inscribed with the family tree of her spectral heritage, the feathers a gift to her blood ordered by the god Perun. Of all the spectral sons and daughters none has ever been more celebrated then Adrasteias and the mistake would never be made again.

By the age of eight she had the grown body of a woman, had been educated at the finest spectral universities and commanded a court of followers whose loyalty was unmatched. Behind it all the truth apparent to only her parents: the daughter of Chandria had many lovers both male and female, she had a temper that claimed the lives of her followers and lovers almost nightly and she possessed a dark passion for the wars of mortals. Adrasteias was born and raised a demon princess. Upon a throne of oak and platinum, Adrasteias sat with the face of boredom painted over her perfect features; and so began the reign of Adrasteias over men, the dark age of the universe.

She waged her war on gods and men for thousands of years. From the front of her armies she commanded mortals and spectral being alike. Entire worlds fell under her shadow which slew the weak and drew the strong into her legions. For every man that fell from her ranks she would murder thousands of his fellow soldiers and the gates to paradise she would stand before herself, barring their souls rest. It was her little sister who would set in motion the events to bring Adrasteias to justice and bring order to the entire timelines she had conquered. Her name was and remains Sei.

The sounds of heavy boots marching and crisp order being shouted were all that Sei had heard for months. The rumors of the Demon Goddess coming for her world had been confirmed by satellites placed at neighboring stars. All able bodied citizens were called into service to defend their world, Tri-Sol Major, and those unable to serve were used to their full potential crafting weapons, learning to use the most advanced military technology their solar system had to offer. The man training their armies was a strange man, a dark and imposing figure with a kind of heat coming off him. His skin was black like night and his voice was deep and seemed to come from all directions, no man or woman serving beneath him could stare him in the eye and all feared him. When he came near whispers consumed all those around him. “Gideon, hunter.” They sang.

Sei had volunteered for service knowing it was her sister that came to claim them. Her goddess of a mother had approached her only a hundred years ago (the blink of an eye in the lifespan of her people) and told her the truth of her birth and how her father had tricked the goddess to bed him and bare his child. Sei was born a mortal with fate’s blood in her. She joined not to train to defend her world, but to prepare to join the triads her mother spoke of. It was from there she would wage her war upon her sister.

The triads came about before time itself. Headed not by gods, demons, spectral or deities, the Triads were overseen by mortals. Their vast libraries of knowledge gave them access to the finest magic and technology that any world had ever created. With it they had developed the laws by which they subtly governed not the universe, but the four timelines. For all their power they could not overcome Adrasteias, perfectly bred to conquer at a whim. They would soon seek out her sister to join the hunt and bring the demon to justice for the crimes she had inflicted upon the worlds of mortals and gods alike.

The suns were blotted with the blood of two armies: those of Tri-Sol Major and the princess’ own. When the sky glowed red from the weapons of destruction and the seas lost their blue color, only one stood. In a park of green grass and trees, swings and slides and jungle gyms, the ground was barely visible below the bodies of men, women, demons and angels. The air was a sparkle, silver feathers fell from the heavens sending beams of light in every direction, each carefully crafted feather taking endless hours to fall. In a black uniform bearing the symbol of her house, Adrasteias had taken a form fit for commanding an army. For a decade her army had called her not by her name, but simply Ivory. So different, the form would be unrecognizable as her own until eyes and wings revealed themselves.

Her armies had fallen before but always standing the victor, Adrasteias knew not defeat. For the first time, the demon of unending beauty knew humility as her chest was connected to the arm of Gideon by means of his black sword, a relic given to him by the Triads in their commission of his services as a Demon Hunter. Her silver blood poured and her strength disappeared. In the form of Ivory she was captured by the hunter Gideon and brought before the Triads.

Of the genocide that consumed the solar system of Tri-Sol there would be only a handful of survivors. Sei had disappeared from the timeline days before the battle, but her younger brother remained. At only 35, he was an infant in their world. His name would come to rival the Demon Princess in recognition but for now he was only known as Jackson Beojackson.

2986 years in the future. The three timelines touched by the Andrasteias Aglaias have all but forgotten her name, her legacy no longer remembered by people; only individuals.

Blaringly loud music rang from the gold plated hull of the space cruiser Lexington: home to Jackson Beojackson, better known throughout the multiverse as Galactic Jack. In the dark emptiness of space nobody can hear you scream, but you can hear Galactic Jack coming from light years away.

High profile and high risk, Galactic Jack has so far earned a reputation as the most feared Trouble Consultant that had ever stalked crime across space and time. Enjoying incredible commissions and endless fame, it’s time for a rest. Lounging in an oversized, padded seat in the middle of the bridge, Jack is the only person running the ship: in his boxers and a pair of furry slippers no less. The sound of a young woman comes over the speakers.

“We are approaching sol. Inhabitable planets are one. Earth is a non space faring planet unrecognized by the Triads. Climate varies. Please state the nature of you vacation Jack.” The voice slowly centered on an emerging image of a young woman perhaps in her early twenties. Wearing a tight one piece outfit and sporting a microphone headset, she appears both attractive and intimidating: her hair a brilliant pink, tied behind her head. Eyes of a single pink color hidden behind a pair of reading glasses.

“Pleasure,” Jack said in an upbeat tone, “and maybe meet someone.”

“Lonely Jack?” asked the woman.

“Maybe” he replied.

“I can keep you company Jack. I love you Jack.”

“You’re an artificial intelligence Sei.” Jack sighed as he punched at buttons on a console to his left. “Not to mention modeled after my sister.”

“My analysis reveals the women of this planet are compatible. Would you like a briefing?” the woman asked.

“No, I doubt they’re any different from the women anywhere else. Stubborn and unwilling to dig deeper then what you show them.” Jack said pessimistically. “Even the coldest most unfeeling women in the world have something beautiful inside them; you need but dig, Sei. But not a woman in the galaxy will make the effort to do the same for another man.”

“Perhaps if you changed your manners around women.”

“Do you think I’m a chauvinist?” Jack asked, turning to look at Sei.

“Of course not sir. You have an uncommon respect for everything living, most of all women.” She continued after a short pause, “but you might want to show that respect some times.”

“I have money, power, influence, near immortality, fame beyond even my own knowledge. If I were a perfect gentleman towards women they would be swarming all over me, few with the best of intentions.” Jack stopped punching at buttons as the image of Earth came onto the large screen at the center of the bridge. “I’ll know her when I see her.”

“I suspect she will see you for who you really are then, and know you are the man perfect for her as well?” the image of his sister asked mockingly.

“That’s the idea. Love at first sight they call it. I just don’t want someone hollow, the grabbing and shifty tactics reduce the workload of sifting through the shallow and simple minded. Need to find a woman more like my own sister, vile beast of a woman”

“I’m sorry sir, I did not realize I upset you so.” The holographic image looked crushed, as though it was about to cry.

“Not you, I meant the demon girl. Have to give her credit for one thing, she could see to the soul of a person, find both the good and evil within them. Now if you get rid of the whole genocide thing and the fact that she’s technically our sister, that’s pretty much what I’m looking for.”

“Psyches, the soul goddess proposed to you four hundred years ago. She was pretty.”

Jack turned to look at Sei again, this time making direct eye contact. “She had platinum hair.”

“Yes, to her feet. She was very pretty.”

“Our sister has platinum hair.” He said slowly. “Her hair also to her feet. Psyches had female lovers too; you know how much I hate sharing attention.”

“Shall I prepare a stable orbit around the Earth moon?” asked the hologram, writing down a few notes on a clipboard she pulled from nowhere.

“Arrange for private living quarters. Send down the last job’s profits too, I might need spending money.”

“You were paid in gold and platinum bars for arresting Al Jahlid and his forty thieves. My analysis reveals the metals would be enough to purchase most of the nations on the planet.” Sei said cautiously, tapping her clipboard.

Jack grabbed his jacket from where it was hanging on his seat. “Then send half. I’ll only be gone a week.”

“Take care, love and good luck with the local women.” Sei laughed to herself. Jack insisted on being utterly despicable to most women. Either his search for a suitor was brilliant or hopeless, whichever it was Jack was probably aware.

A flash of light and Jack was fully clothed in yellow shorts and a matching aloha shirt. A second flash and he was gone, standing on a sandy beach at mid day. A perfect day for sunbathing. Jack’s jaw wanted to drop at the sight of the local women.

“They don’t make them like this on Tri-Sol.”

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