The Story of Jarlaxe




Here is the story of my character Jarlaxe who started out on the Virtue server and I eventually recreated on Guardian.

Located at the base of Mount Amery is a small town called Rogers. It was in this town that Jarlaxe grew up. He grew up climbing mountains and doing all sorts of outdoor activities. When Jar turned 17 he was an accomplished mountaineer and did regular tours up the mountain and into the back country.
It was well know that the crazy scientist Cronis had a lab in the mountain side but none of the locals ever paid him any attention. Then Cronis invented his earthquake doomsday device and everything changed, Cronis decided to try and hold the world hostage. He demmanded 100 billion dollars and immunity from the world court or he would destroy the major cities of the world one by one. A team of super heroes came to Rogers to try and stop the madman. On this fatefull summer day Jar was leading an expedition up the mountain side when the heroes began their assault on the cave lair. A massive battle ensued and the heros accomplished their task, unfortunately the assault wasn't a complete success. Cronis escaped but not before setting off a local earthquake. A monsterous landside began and rolled down the mountain overtop of Jar, his expendition and buried Rogers under thousands of tons of rubble. Search and rescuers began the hopeless task of trying to remove the rubble and uncover the burried town. As one of the volunteers was taking a smoke break after reviewing and documenting the damage from half way up the slide the rocks began to move. Miraculously somehow Jarlaxe had survived under the crushing weight of the rocks. Under times of stress it is said that the human body produces enough adrenaline to lift cars, well for Jarlaxe it had given him the ability to resist being hurt and given him super strength. Doctors examined Jarlaxe and found that his body was so flooded with adrenaline his condition was permanent. Jarlaxe decided to use his new found abilities to track down and destroy Cronis. At last word he heard that he had gone to Paragon City. Jarlaxe followed in search of revenge. It was here that he learned of the ways of true heroes. He and a small group formed the vengeance league. Jarlaxe found his inspiration to be Atlas and he began to model himself in every way he could. Jar was always the last to leave a battle prefering to fall in battle himself to make sure his allies had time to retreat. One day in Independence Port the Vengeance League was on the bridge fighting a group of 5th Column when Jarlaxes world fell apart. While fighting Jarlaxe was doing what he usually did, staying in the front line trying to protect his friends when a Werewolf appeared. The Werewolf made short work of Jarlaxe, it tore his arms off and threw him into the harbour.
Recently a hero has been seen with 2 robotic arms claiming to be Jarlaxe. No one is sure if it is true Jarlaxe or not but all who have fought with him agree that he must be the true Jarlaxe as he fights the same and is just as honourable in battle. The only difference is now Jarlaxe seems more consumed with the 5th Column then ever before.

Any feedback anyone has is greatly appreciated