V2 History of "Drag'a'Dene" Part One




~ The Story of Drag’a’Dene ~
(Fallen Dreams)

The journey of Drag’a’Dene is not unknown story amongst the people within ancient Egypt, though most never would have believed him to actually have existed or let alone still exist even before he came to atles city. Though in truth many of the Greatest things are unknown until, one person or one being set it upon themselves to tell there Lord or Ladies Story. So here in this moment I have decide to take up the Quill and Write about my Lord Drag’a’Dene, yet ever mind you there will be those that say this could not be or he is not a God but in truth. I have felt his touch and know his every existence to be true as when you stand in front of Man look into his Eyes you know truth even if you wish to run and hide from it.
So I tell you now that indeed my Lord was Born Immortal and of the breed in which man use to call Gods, though this title was not always desire by those who wore immortal. After all my Lord Drag’a’Dene was one such being who did not wish to be worship right off, in the beginning he sought to just remain hidden. After all his name leads to the truth of his nature, that name Drag’a’Dene in all honesty means “The Multi-Universal Lord of Endless Roads” so let me break this down for those that don’t understand it. The Endless Roads is never Ending Journey which has no Beginning or End and hence his growth is in such existence, yet des he exist in are thought of God most likely not but most will attempt to say differently. After all it was the Church that came to power around 500AD that had imprison my Lord Drag’a’Dene, though it was not that they feared him or even because at that time his Following was of equal size. In truth it was to proof that there own Lord was Greater and that there believe was the only truth, though he didn’t claim such things as power or being the only one. He didn’t even raise his hand to them in truth he found most of what they said beautiful, but he also didn’t claim it was true or justice.
So in such they felt disrespected and sought to imprison him for not claiming that there believed was the only truth and he played some rule in it. He would not take a stand and yet his followers would rise up arms against the church, though not by there own desire but because the church was trying to forcefully convert them. They prayed so much for there Lord to intervene, but Drag’a’Dene still remained silent not by choice truthfully, but because he was trying to understand why they did such deeds. So he wait almost a hundred years and study countless Texts trying to understand why they would see his Followers fall and with a sigh of depression he realize it was just in the heart of man to seek power.
So he finely decide to fight back, though this did come as surprise to the church which now seem in aw about there large fellowship of Worshipers, but as soon as he rised up against them the church was hit with huge blow. In the moments that past with his rage at the years of torment to his followers, those that they thought wore converted had turn there hearts towards him again and with eyes of tears. They would fight back against those who had done them harm, yet many had lost there lives they did bring a stop to the torment for a time and the church had fell back against the over whelming hearts against Drag’a’Denes Followers.

Though so many deaths had weighed heavy upon his Heart, he fell into seclusion and did not leave his temples for matter of years it wasn’t until about 700AD until he came out of the temples and looked upon the world again. He had changed in many ways his appears had grown Darker more Gothic and Evil in nature and his Powers wore like that of Lightning and fire. He had changed in many ways and yet his Followers remained Loyal and loving. They understand this change for his flesh appeared almost burned and veins of Green Blood wore seen on the surface of his flesh. That tail which once had fur now lined with scales Armored, his hands and feet had Bone like Spikes that pushed there way out from deep within. He had light Green eyes that Glow Brightly and yet they did not fear him but still showed there hearts love for their Lord.
Though in act of Betrayal one of the Priests had Lead Drag’a’Dene into a Trap only four years later, the trap that would imprison him within the Tomb of Flesh, Bone and Blood. The Tomb its self was like that of two Modern New York cities in height and length, yet the church had spent the last hundred years in constructions of it. They had sealed the tomb with the Blood of Both the Dead and Living in which the seal could only be Broken by such Means. They had trapped my Lord Drag’a’Dene but this in its self was not easy, he did not buy into the story of torment going on in that Tomb. After all he was God to them and most would go looking into it themselves to report back, but the priest that had betrayed him was not truly his priest but one of the church looking and seeking to find a weakness or at least disapprove him as a God. He failed at every turn only to learn of way to seal him into a tomb, but only through the study of even older Cultures did he find such ritual
After a time he began to respect Drag’a’Dene just before he was Order by the Church to bring Drag’a’Dene to the tomb in which he would be sealed, he found himself in remorse he could not bring this God to such place. He had grown to love him as any Priest or Priestess would but as things happen the church had found away to force his hand and it was not by money or Land even title but by blade put to his families throat. That he had betrayed his Lord Drag’a’Dene and he cried for the dead he had to do to save them and so on the winter of 712AD he found himself leading his Lord to this Tomb. He was not alone however there was set of Drag’a’Lin Guardians that wore always with Drag’a’Dene. They wore his Lovers and Wife’s the only once able to actually breed with Drag’a’Dene no mortal or human had such a power.
There had to be about twenty at the time and they wore beautiful in there own right many had the same appears as Drag’a’Dene but just female, there wore only two that stood out one appeared as Vampire and she was beautiful in her own Right. Though also considered Witch by most for her power over the Undead and yet she was treasure above all others. There was one other but not many new if she was a Drag’a’lin or rather his daughter for this beauty appeared slightly Vampire and Slightly Drag’a’lin yet so few new anything about her.

(More to Come, this is the updated vision taking more time to write it out and this is directly taken from the Book I am currently writing about him. I hope you all enjoy it and if anyone wish to add comments please send email to MutliUniversalWitch@yahoo.com. Thank You)