~*The History of Dragedene*~




The history of Dragedene is not one to be treasure but to be feared, he was born to two immortal parants both of the race in which humanity calls Gods. They wore known for there Darkness one of Torture and One of Flesh Craft. In truth though his parants wore not truthly Evil just thought of as such for the deads that humanity disapproved off. In light of this image his Father Drag'a'Dene (Means:Multi-Universal Walker of the endless Road.) Though his Mother Drag'a'Lin (Meaning: Multi-Universal Women of the Endless Road.)

Though his Parants are immortal they had decide thousands of years ago to leave this world known as earth and yet he remained as he had earned the title of Lord of Justice and Darkest Flesh Craft. The Ancient Egyptians had found a way to imprison DrageDene "Meaning:Lord of the Endless Roads within the Multi-Universes." They had used many of his High Priests and Priestesses to do such by using there Flesh, Bones and Blood Contructing a Tomb in which would seal him. In truth it was not that he was evil, but as the One God Faiths came to power in this world. So did he fall from the peoples eyes and many hundreds of years into this One God Faith did he still keep his following. Though as many Religious do they seek to disprove the others and claim to be the only truth, so the church searched for away to disprove him at every attempting failing. Only other option they wore left with was contructing a prison to inprison him.

After hundreds of years of there existence and countly study of ancient Cultures before 500A.D. They found away and lead him into a trap only to be seal within the tomb by the use of his Priests and Priestesses Flesh, Bone and Blood. He did claim there would be time in which he would find his Freedom and come to the worlds add even though they had inprisoned him.

So hundreds of years have past now and on the day of March 4, 1902. A group of Archologies within Egypt came cross Tomb, though the archologies at first had thought it was tomb of Great King or Queen by the Size of it. The Size appeared as almost two New Yorks of Modern day Covered by the Sands and yet as tall as the highest sky Scrapper. This place was still sealed and unopened, many rumours had be told of this place claiming a Great and Powerful Demon was sealed within. There was also spoken of Great Powerful Magick sealed within and yet no one new how to reopen the seal, which glowed brightly as Dark Green Color that was almost blinding. The thiefs would just not even approach this because so many have dead just by looking upon the seal, though one women had dear to attempt it. Though unknown was this mysterious women that came in the night and cut her palm allowing undead blood to touch the seal mixed with living in a unholy union. The Earth Shook throughout the world and Universes in a spiritual sence as the tomb start to rock the heavens and hells of the multi-universes. The undead of caines Vampiric line and that of other bloodlines had felt it the strongest. That night something had been released unknown to most this creature was not evil, but not good or neutral his nature was not understandable to any being. Though some might see him as Evil, some migh see him as Good and others well might just not see him at all.

That tomb of Flesh, Bone and Blood had burst open wih a bloodlust that could not be sealed as all of the two hundred Diggers and 20 some archologies wore found butcher. In the sence that there flesh, bones wore carved up in a odd artist manner. Though pieces of there bodies wore not found some of the Church had claimed a Devil was Released and unholy mission started to hunt him down. Though unknowingly there would be no true way to reseal him in that tomb and yet Dragedene looks for the one tha released him. After all it is said the one that release him will be his lover and wife but only of female gender and purity (Virgin) could release him from the tomb. That is undead and living at the sametime.

(More to come if people are interested, Guardian Server {Blaster Energy and Fire.} Dragadene)