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When she thought about it, she could still remember the cold vast beauty of the Siberian desert where she spent the first few years of her life. There had been several families like hers in her home town. It had been one of a few hidden towns where the families of great soviet superheroes live, safe and away from possible danger. Had the western powers gotten these children, it could have seriously compromised the soviet superhero program.
Her own parents were great heroes, members of the Soviet Defenders of the Motherland and some had claimed her father could have taken on Statesman himself, something her father knew was definitely not true. Together with his wife however, it might be a different tale. Both her parents had loved the motherland and the idealistic idea of communism. They were so devote that they were often referred to as "The flame and shield of the motherland", however at the end of the cold war, the situation changed completely.
Both her parents had been induced with several gene-manipulating drugs, results of the newest science (some years later, some of this technology escaped to America, helping greatly in the creation of Supes). Apparently this had changed the genetics of their little daughter, giving her special powers. They wouldn't manifest themselves till many years later, however the government had more or less anticipated this, and every children in the hero towns were tested on a regular basis. When they discovered her potential, the department for superhuman research immediately took a very keen interest in her. She was to be trained, to become a machine of war. With more drugs, cyborg implants and her already altered genes, it was their hope to create something so powerful that it would make the world tremble in fear.
Her parents might have let this, they might have let the government take away her say in what life she was going to have, however at the same time a plan was taking form, a plan known as "October Sun". The Soviet union was loosing the cold war, corruption, greed and plain ignorance had ruined the idealistic foundation of the union. Some were angry, thinking that the government shouldn't have given up so easily in the conflict some years earlier (the one where Statesman was hit by a ballistic missile). They were desperate, if the union fell apart, taking the communist party along with it, what would become of them and their rich lives?
One of these men was general Nikolay Rykov, also known as The January Blizzard (referring to the great battle in 1943 where the Red Army defeated the Germans near Stalingrad). His plans to save "the communist way of thinking" was not based on fanaticism, they were based on greed. Were they successful there was a good chance he would become leader of the USSR, and perhaps the world. The plan was as simple as it was cruel: the best and the brightest of the soviet heroes would join in a small but lethal attack group. They would fly over the pacific ocean, guarding a squadron of bombers, armed with poison gas, nuclear bombs and 3 new variants of the lethal ebola virus. In short an attack with every weapon of mass destruction available, set to destroy every major city and military base in north America. At the same time, another group of "heroes" would attack Western Europe, disabling any and all nuclear weapons. Her parents might have been persuaded into doing this, if The January Blizzard played on their feelings regarding their motherland, it was very likely they would have agreed, however they could not accept this and the abuse of their daughter.
They realised that the government was at best corrupt to the core, at worst absolutely insane. Along with a friend, the famous Dr. Petri (later known as the Mirage Doctor), they wanted to escape the USSR, using a cloaking device created by Dr. Petri, essential to "October Sun". Unfortunately, The January Blizzard discovered them and attempted to stop them. The fight was long and hard, but in the end he was no match for 3 heroes of their strength, however he managed to get a message to "The Soviet Defenders of the Motherland" before they could finish him off. The trip to Hawaii was constantly interrupted by various heroes who caught up with them. Wounded and tired, the four of them landed on Hawaii, where the Americans weren't too happy to see them. That is, until they discovered the reason for their arrival. Dr. Petri negotiated a deal for all of them, ensuring plenty of money and some very nice houses in California.
Her parents however, were not exactly the type to sit around doing nothing and with a little more help from Petri (who at this point was beginning to make a name for himself as the Mirage Doctor) they created training facilities for new and upcoming heroes. The government weren't pleased with this, but when some of their students joined the Freedom Phalanx, the resistance against the training stopped (it is even rumoured the Valkyrie was one of their students).
For her however, USA and California meant a new school, a new language, a whole new way of life. She missed the snow for some time, but she soon discovered that perhaps the water wasn't such a bad replacement. And so her life became happy and peaceful, at least for a few years.
To be continued...

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See? Look what her homeland DID to her? Look what communism wrought!

All the more reason to join a "capitalist" organization... heh

~The Sly Fox~

One little suggestion. I had to learn this myself the hard way, but it's easier to read these stories when you add a space in between each paragraph.

The format doesn't let you indent, so just double space the paragraphs.

Other than that, can't wait to hear what comes next! (I've got half of Chapter 6 done, myself... but... I have too much to do in-game... I may not finish for a bit... argh! Everyone is gonna forget The Sly Fox if I don't finish soon!! )