Raptor-x3: a tale of two personalities




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"How many of them are there?" The voice of a young man asked from inside his power armored suit from his vantage point up on the nearby rooftop.

"Three, no wait four. Four targets. Threat levels are gauged as typical." came a female voice oddly enough from the same armored suit.

"Typical?" the young man asked somewhat bewildered. "What's that?"

"Well," the female voice responded with a playful tone in her voice. "It's not critical and it's not minimal?"

The young man scowled inside the helmet. "Gee thanks that explains it all, thank you soooooo much, Sara."

"not a problem,Michael!" replied the A.I. dubbed S.A.R.A.(Self Aware Responsive Autoprogram)

"Sarcasam is lost on you,Sara." quipped Michael as he waited for the right moment to decend into the group of thugs to disrupt their drugbust.

"No it's not. I just thought I'd deflate your sarcastic barb with polite naiveness..." she sounded entirely to happy about that in his oppinion.

"Yeah well just so long as you keep this overglorified toaster oven working I'll keep the sarcasm low." he said to her. The toaster oven in question was the Raptor-x3 warsuit in which Michael was the operator and Sara the A.I. for the suit.

"Toaster oven?"now she sounded offended. "This isn't a toaster oven, you hairless ape!" she said hotly.

"computer virus." Michael countered.

"underevolved primate." Sara parried.

"Microsoft reject." Michael parried back

"Oh hey that hurt." Sara said stopping thier insult game. "Looks like the party's about to start. They weren't kidding about Paragon City being a home to criminals of every type."

"Yeah, but still I dunno why my life turned out like this..." Michael said wonderignly.

"Hey, remember pal, you're the one who stole the suit and thusly myself for a joyride while cleaning one night in the BioTech labratory." Sara reminded him.

"Yeah but I didn't know that it was going to bond my brainwaves to the suit!" he complained, "I mean, the suit looked cool and I wasn't too keen on it being sold as a suit for wartime to the highest bidder, you know."

"So you put the suit on and now no one else can use it." Sara finished for him, then mocksighed "looks like you're stuck with me. Oh and if you're gonna stop the gang bangers down their I'd move your cute little keester."

"Yeah, now I'm stuck with you.." he replied not sounding at all pleased by that fact as he stepped up to the edge of the building.

"You are NOT gonna jump!" Sara said "You'll mess up the acctuators again and I JUST fixed them!"

"But.." he tried.

"NO!" Sara stated firmly, cutting him off and locking the suit up, leaving the young man trapped in the suit untill he saw it her way.

"Hey cut it out, Sara! Their gonna get away! Unlock the suit, Sara!" he complained.

"You'll use the hover mode or I'll keep you like this till the pigeons show up.." She threatened.

"Okay, okay, you win......again." he gave in quickly last time she did just that and it took him most of the night to clean up the bird dung off the suit.

"Good." she said going from angry to pleased in under a second.

"I should wipe you from the suit's program."he threatend as he used the hover to slowly decend into the pack of gangers.

"But you won't," She responded cheerily "Because I'm too valuable an assistant."

"I could manage."he said to her as he landed, the gangers looked and muttered curses at having been interrupted, starting to draw weapons and advance on the power armor.

"You'd get lonely without me." she said in confidence as Raptor-x3, guided by michael's movements and Sara's split second decion making, threw it's hands forward and let the lead Skull have it with an energy blast knocking him off his feet. "Besides, you love me too much to delete me."

"Don't push your luck,Sara." he quipped as he let another skull have it with a cross to the jaw.

Sara was about to counter that comment with another, but something else drew her attention. "We got several blips coming up behind us!" she shouted into his ear inside the helmet.

"How many?" he asked letting the another Skull have it with the energy blast. Was it his imagination or were there more of them then he thought?

"A dozen at least, readings say low body temperature, Looks like several dozen Vahz bearing down on us." She said tryign to plot the fastest way out of the alley.

"We're in trouble.." he muttered to her as he pyunched out another Skull only to have a free Skull bash him a good one across the skull with a sledgehammer. He stumbled a bit at the blow only to recive a smack with a baseball bat in the ribs. Wind left his lungs explosively. He had to fight free of these Skulls before the Vahz showed up..which wouldn't be long. "This is a fine mess we've gotten ourselves into." he muttered disgusted at himself.